[ST Edge] Virtual Things Edge Driver

Not sure how I can tell which version I’m on

But will reboot my v3 hub. It’s working on the v2

@Jeff_Gallagher In the hub’s detailed view in the app, press three dots in the upper right corner, then select “Driver”.
You will see a list of edge drivers, installed on your hub. Select the driver and you will see the driver version.

Thanks I’ve got the new driver now and rebooted. All back to normal.

Thanks again :+1:


Everything installed fine and showing in the cli logs - but how do I link in an external temperature sensor to the virtual thermostat

@Old_iron ,
Unfortunately, I don’t think it is currently possible to achieve with virtual thermostat alone.

Please see the following discussion for more details.

As Yakov mentioned, currently is not possible with edge drivers. There is Virtual Thermostat solution, but 8s is Groovy based SmartApp, and as Groovy is going away soon, one of the developers took different approach. Hebl created the driver for zigbee temperature sensors, that adds thermostat capabilities, and more. I am using it with Aqara Temperature sensor, and works great. I just have to create automations with switches/outlets

Thanks for the replies - I’ll follow up the links.

I’m really only just starting out down the Edge journey, having been successfully using webcore previously.

Interestingly devices with edge drivers are available within the ‘Samsung Automation Studio’ cloud version of Node-Red - I guess this will ultimately replace webcore?

Is it possible to have an audio device with capabilities similar to the old type audio player?

@ygerlovin, can you add an icon for a Water Sensor. I want to create a virtual switch for my moisture/water sensors to trigger Alexa to make an announcement if a leak is detected.

What capabilities do you have in mind?
For example:

Could please elaborate on your use case?

I’m not aware about any such plans.
Perhaps it is better to ask this question in forum in separate thread

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@damohabir I will look into it.
Do you want a virtual water leak sensor or you just want an additional icon for the virtual switch?
For virtual leak sensor, what capability is missing for Alexa?
Do you need a hidden door sensor to be able to trigger Alexa routines?

Just an icon for the virtual switch. Thanks.

Many thanks for your response. I think the following capabilities would be required:
My idea is to use a SmartThings virtual graphical interface in the app to control a music device (Russound multi room system) via webcore. That is assuming all of these capabilities are compatible in webcore. I would configure webcore to send webhook commands to Node-Red which then socket connects to the Russound controller and converts the command to the RIO protocol required by Russound.
Feedback and virtual device updates should be achievable as the tcp socket connection with Node-Red is permanent and Node-Red triggering http requests to webcore.
Many thanks for your help.

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@ygerlovin would you be able to create a virtual acceleration sensor as well?

@GRClark I can look at it.

So, the current requests are:

  1. Water sensor icon for virtual switch @damohabir
  2. Virtual audio device @crsaunders
  3. Virtual acceleration sensor @GRClark

I’m also considering to add a virtual momentary button and a virtual water sensor.

I’m currently working on switch driver, that would support non-standard switches (Tuya, Aqara, Girier etc), so it will take some time before I have a chance to work on virtual devices.



@GRClark ,
Do you need any capabilities, in addition to switch and acceleration sensor?

No that’s it. Virtual Acceleration and virtual temperature.

@ygerlovin anyone else have issues with the thermostat one? Notice the cooling temperature.

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Have you tried to set the cooling temperature to reasonable values? Does the problem persists?