[ST Edge] Virtual Things Edge Driver

Hi Guys… First of all thanks for developing this! I’ve been using it to have Google home talk to SmartThings triggering a contact sensor to talk to Alexa, which uses a routine to trigger a Tuya device. It’s been working AWESOME! I’ve created a second location “WORK” to control a Tuya Device at my office. I have not been able to create a virtual contact sensor in the second location and you can’t seem to move devices between locations that I can find (I just googled it again and it seems you can’t move Non Samsung devices :persevere:). Anyway, is there anyway to create the vDevice in a second location?

You would have to install the driver to a hub in the second Location and select that Location in the app before running Scan Nearby to create a new controller device on that hub.

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If you don’t have a hub at your second location (work) you can create multiple locations (home & work) in the Tuya app. When you run the ST - Tuya integration (add devices in ST) it will bring all the Tuya locations into 1 ST location. Then you could just create a separate room for work.
This won’t work if you want to keep the ST locations separate.


Hi @veonua

I was looking at this issue and tried a couple of things.

  1. First I tried to use visible condition to see if it can hide the sensor from STHM. Unfortunately, it didn’t work
  2. Next, I tried @JDRoberts 's idea to replace a sensor with a lock. Unfortunately, when Alexa sees lock it ignores switch capability. Further, it does not allow unlocking locks, so the switch can not be toggled.
  3. I can add an additional option to create a new virtual thing type that would create a simple switch without sensor. However, this would mean that you will need to create a new device and manually migrate your automation.
  4. Finally, I can add a new option to switch preferences, that allow you to change device profile. It is currently used to change vSwitch icons, but it can be used as well to load a profile without sensor.

There pros and cons for both 3 and 4. I’m not sure what would be the best solution.
Do you have any preferences?

I have only 2 virtual devices, so it should not be a big problem

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I added the ability to select device profile to vMomentary. You can find it in settings.
In addition, I added a “simple switch” profile to vSwitch.
This way there is no need to delete and recreate the device, so all automations should keep working


Hi all,

Driver v1.7 was released
Timestamp: 2022-05-30T06:21:13.138967863Z

Change log:
1. New things: vPower (deleting and creating Controller device might be required to see the new Thing
2. Add device profiles without contact sensor capability to vSwitch and vMomentary



alright? Is there a possibility to create something that clones the ability of another device? I have smartthings sensors that measure the temperature. I wanted to create a virtual temperature sensor that would take the data from this smartthings sensor to have a preview button without having to keep entering the window sensor, for example.

Hi @niquini ,

Mirroring functionality can’t be implemented from within a driver.
There is a feature request to ST team for it.

very good…hope you make this available soon.

taking advantage and running away from this topic. Do you think there is a possibility to create a LAN driver to integrate the esphome api?

I just tried the vThermostat, and I’m also seeing crazy results when attempting to set either the cooling or heating temperature. No matter which + or - that I select, the temperature jumps exponentially doubling in degrees to where the + is no longer available. When I try setting the number manually, it still jumps doubling the degrees higher.

Also, I would like to be able to set the temperature reading of the vTermostat if possible, like have a routine set it from one of my motion or multipurpose devices?


I tried using your vDev Controller this morning and some devices can be created and some can’t.

I was able to create: momentary button, power meter, and thermostat.

I could NOT create, TV, counter, or battery.

Those were the only ones I tried.


Sorry for delayed response, just get back from vacation.

What temperature scale are you using? I suppose it is Fahrenheit, I have never seen this behaviour with Celsius.

Basically, you want a routine that would fire if temperature value of some physical sensor changes and then “mirror” ( copy ) the new value to vTermostat.
Unfortunately, this can’t be done from within the driver. This requires changes on ST side.
The mirroring functionality was requested from ST team multiple times.
Perhaps, @nayelyz could provide more details about it.



The driver does not support those types yet, they are reserved for future functionality and should be hidden.

@nayelyz Could it be that supportedValues functionality have got broken in the latest update?

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I’m using Fahrenheit.

As for the vThermostat temperature, could you make it so I can set the temperature manually then? Or maybe change it’s default which is currently 68 degrees Fahrenheit to like 74 degrees instead?

Did it work before the 85 and 86 versions of the SmartThings app? I also see those values (TV, counter, etc.) in the app.

@nayelyz , yes, it worked fine.

ok, then it is most likely that something happened in this new version. I’ll create a report about it.
Thanks for sharing this issue.


@ygerlovin Can the virtual dimmer be used as a trigger source in Alexa.

@sids2411 ,
Unfortunately, Alexa does not support dimmers as a trigger source.
If you need only on/off functionality, you can use vSwitch instead