[ST Edge] Virtual Energy/Power Meter

If you would like to add power or energy consumption tracking to your home automations, this driver provides that capability as a virtual device that updates values on a frequency of your choosing.

  • Set the wattage of the load and control virtual usage through a switch and level control - either through the mobile app or through automations.
  • View power level and energy consumption graphs in the mobile app.
  • Control the frequency of updates down to the second through device settings
  • Performing a Reset of all values will capture and display the date and total energy usage as of the reset.
  • Create additional devices

This virtual device is being made available separately from my vEdge Creator driver for now since it involves continuous timers and updating. (I may incorporate it into vEdge Creator eventually).

The driver is available now from my shared channel: SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things.. Enroll your hub and then choose the driver to install: ‘Virtual Energy Meter’

Once installed to your hub, perform an Add device / Scan nearby devices, and a new device will be created called Virtual Energy Meter in your ‘No room assigned’ room. Additional devices can be created through a button on the device details screen.

Major thanks goes to @milandjurovic71 and @Mariano_Colmenarejo for requirements, implementation guidance, and (rigorous!) testing.


Just a couple ways I am using Virtual Meter, as suggestions. Most of Virtual Energy Meters are connected to smart plugs, or switches and dimmers, or to bulbs.

  • Smart Dimmer controlling regular LED bulbs.
  • Multiple Smart Bulbs with Level capabilities.
  • Heater, controlled by smart plug.
  • Humidifier, controlled by smart plug.
  • Multiple monitors, controlled by smart plug.

I have also automation linked to ecobee status, measuring Furnace Energy Consumption.

Also all of my Meters are reset on the 1st of the month, by virtual switch connected to IFTTT’s Date and Time triggers.

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Could there be option for reseting without IFTTT? Could it be in setting of the driver to set when reset it?

Any automation routine or Rule can issue a reset, turn on/off, adjust level, or set load wattage.

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I am resetting my on the 1st. But they can be reseted with any Automation. I am using IFTTT, as currently ST is not using calendar as trigger in Automations. Maybe down the road, some dev can come up with solution, as date and time functions are available in Lua.

Very interesting indeed, thank you Tod will take a look

Not installed it yet or tried it but is there any way of adding cost per kw unit to gain a running cost total ?

Would it be possible or feasible to amalgamate kw useage or cost of all vedge energy devices into a single tile that displays totals, Kwh and consumption cost, a virtual totaler for want of a better word

Thanks. It’d be nice addition although I don’t see any use for it at the moment. :thinking:

@TAustin Do you think it’s possible to have a drive to measure consumption for those who use esphome?

I just tried to add this devices to Action Tiles, and they work and are providing live update. Now I just have to spend some time to arrange all tiles the way I want.

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Do you use consumption as a trigger for automations or do you just want to see how much you use energy?

For now I just want to see how much energy specific devices use.

Hi, I have a request for you,
you have recently purchased such a device: https://www.amazon.pl/gp/product/B08WXT6HHJ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
and the ST hub detects it but practically shows no data. I changed the drivers to different ones, but the difference is that there are more or more data fields, but the values ​​are null anyway.
Do you have any idea what and how you can do this device to work properly and display more data?

From what I can see this is a zigbee device, so perhaps @Mariano_Colmenarejo might be better able to help on this one (I focus more on LAN-based device drivers).

Please, could you specify to which drivers or DTH you have paired it to know what we are talking about?

It would also be necessary to know the fingerprints of the device to see which driver it can be added to


this is how it looks for me at the moment, I must have checked all the drivers available in the HUB.

Please tell me what else you need and where can I find it as I am a very new user of Smartthings.

Thanks for the help.

Your device only measures power and energy.
With the DTH Zigbee Power Meter it will work well with your device.

This device is not included in the smartthings stock DTH and therefore smartthings has only included the “E240-KR080Z0-HA” model in its Beta edge driver that will replace that DTH in the future.

If Frient advertises on Amazon that the device works with Smartthing, you should contact Frient support to find out if they have a specific DTH or Edge driver for the future use.

Thank you very much for your answer.

Hi, how can i “put” a value in this Virtual device in node Red??.

Is there a way to make this virtual device to get the power consumption information from a real device that have built in power meter.

Possibly. What kind of interface would the device have? Is it zigbee, zwave, or LAN?