[ST Edge] vEdge Creator: a virtual device generator for end users

Hi @TAustin, is it possible to modify the Virtual Thermostat Temperature Setpoints to a 0.1°C discretization? At the moment I can change the setpoints with 1°C steps only

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Hi! I have a virtual presence sensor, that works fine.
I also want to have a travel sensor, because there are some routines I don’t want to run when I am traveling.
Right now I have a routine that runs every evening, and if I have been away for 15 hours, it turns the travel sensor on. It only turns off when I arrive home.
For some reason beyond my comprehension, this does not work. It turns back off at random times and I am not sure what is even triggering that (the routine that should turn it off when i arrive also turns a light on, and that light is not coming on).
So, as an alternative, I was thinking that I could have a timer that keeps track of how long I have been away. Turn the travel sensor on if the timer >15 hours, and turn off when that is back to 0. Does such a thing exist?
(also, if anyone has a hint as to what might be wrong with my travel sensor as it is, please let me know).

I don’t want to derail the thread, but whenever things turn off inexplicably the first thing to eliminate is Alexa seeing a pattern you don’t and having one of her Hunches. Otherwise, no particular suggestion.


Yes, @TAustin also created an Edge driver that is a timer.


Which is the timer device? I don’t think I saw that.

How do you look for Alexa hunches?

This article shows you how to set up, use, and turn off Alexa hunches.


It’s in the topic I linked to.

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Sorry to bother you, but I have just noticed that the swing temperature does not work as expected (or at least as I expected)
If it is a hysteresis and it is set at 0.5°C with a setpoint of 21°C, it should enable heating from 20.5°C and stop it at 21.5°C

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Friend, the Multi-Trigger auto-revert function is somehow not reverting to closed state if I enable it when the contacts are in open state. It’ll re-open the contacts (coz I enabled the auto-revert feature while the contacts are open) after the timer expires.

So I’ve been wondering why Alexa keeps starting my vacuum bot :joy:

Turned out the contacts auto-revert will just flip to whatever state it was when I enabled it instead defaulting to closed as indicated.

@TAustin have you had the opportunity to look at the swing temperature behaviour and the 0.1° discretization for the setpoint of the virtual thermostat?

Thank you so much

Which virtual device type can be used to signal end of cycle for the Samsung Smart washer & dryer?

I was able to use audible alert via Sonos for years, but since the migration it doesn’t work anymore, so I’m setting up virtual switches and playing alerts via Alexa.

I can’t figure out what to use for washer and dryer.

I use virtual switches in conjunction with power monitoring devices on each appliance. When the power drops to a certain level, I know the cycle is complete and I have voice announcements on my displays the the wash and/or the dryer is complete.

Thanks. I have smart appliances so it should work without needing to use power monitoring. Also, my dryer is 220V.
The ST app has a notification for “cycle complete” so there must me a way to trigger a virtual device.

Only if that notification is exposed as a trigger in ST Routines.

If you have a Samsung phone, you may be able to use Bixby routines to switch on a virtual device when the notification is received.

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I was able successfully set it up using the vEdge contact sensor.
When my washer (and dryer) are done, an announcement plays on all Alexa devices.


Sorry about the method of this reply but it has been a while since I’ve been on the community board.

I had a problem with my Aeotec hub and it appeared to be OK. However, some devices (virtual switches) were deleted and I cannot reinstate them. I attempted to re-install the vEdge Creator V2.94 (it has also disappeared) to re-create some deleted switches, but the website says “Error Cannot uninstall because the driver is in use.”

Can anyone help me to re-install this very useful routine on my hub?

No reinstall is needed. If you make Scan nearby in ST App a new Creator Device should be created.

I tried to ‘Scan nearby devices’ and the app failed with the message: ‘No devices found’.
What should I try now ?