[ST Edge] vEdge Creator: a virtual device generator for end users

Hi @TAustin and thanks for the great driver.
Is it possible to create a virtual Temperature sensor without Humidity or somehow disable Humidity capability of a virtual Temperature-Humidity sensor created by the driver?
I am using Rule API to get Temperature value for a virtual sensor from a Philips Hue Motion Sensor. Works great. But because a Motion Sensor has no Humidity capability, my virtual sensor Temperature-Humidity sensor has static Humidity value which spoils overall house monitoring.


If you mean Favourites View measurements you can select what measurements are used for calculation.

From Favourites View’s menu:

Select Show Your Hub status

Push Humidity text
Select Devices Push Humidity Field

then you can select measurements for humidity calculation
Select Devices Humidity Calculation


That is exactly what I was looking for. Never thought I can do it pressing the text.
Thank you!


Since I implemented these virtual contact devices to be used as triggers for my Alexa routines, the performance of my routines have been solidly reliable. I recently made a comprehensive video to help ensure those that wish to use the vEdge Creator app understand the setup process. The video is a little long but hopefully it properly depicts how to setup and a use the vEdge devices within Alexa and other third party apps.


That’s fantastic! Thank-you for doing the video; I’m sure it will be helpful to a lot of people.

I’ll put a link to it in the top thread.

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Can you elaborate? Is this a ‘cosmetic’ issue in that you just don’t want to have a humidity field on the screen, or are you having some other problem?

Sorry this one got by me. Please remind me exactly what you were looking for: was it to have have a dashboard blinds icon option added to the alexaswitch device type?

Hi. Yes, or have a seperate contact added to the blind device. Either way would work.

It is a cosmetic thing. I configured virtual sensor to mirror existing devices, but it has no humidity data source. Its fix humidity value creates some noise in Favourites View humidity overview. Being able to disable it in humidity calculation is a solution for me.
However, I’m still curious if it is possible to disable certain capabilities of virtual devices.

@TAustin Is there an alternative virtual multi switch? I would like to setup an alarm system type of scenario where when the switch is “on” the alarm system is on/activated but I would like a second switch that is part of the same device that when it is turned on, it activates my sirens.

Exampe routine: If Alarm System is on and Front Door Sensor is open, then turn on Alarm System sirens.

I would like to avoid creating multiple devices filling up my limited space if possible. The door lock/sensor is a good option but each parameter cannot be controlled independently.

Anyways, do you have an option for a virtual multi switch?

There are a few virtual devices that contain more than one control. Take a look at the momentary button combo and see if there is a combination of settings that would accomplish what you need.

Something like a light would have both the switch and the level control and you can configure it to not link the switch and dimmer, thereby giving you an on/off switch for alarm system activation, and a level control you could use to trigger siren (0=off, >0= on). Its a little convoluted, but it would get the job done. Of course next you’re going to ask for a different dashboard icon :wink:.

Another alternative that might work is a separate driver I have called Alexa Multi-trigger. In one device there are 19 triggers (switches). Downside is you get contact devices created as well.


Name: Virtual Devices V2
Version: 2024-02-11T03:38:25.789806185


  • added water valve icon option to virtual switch device (@RebelMagpie)
  • added blinds icon option to Alexa switch device (@Terri_Baker)
  • added configurable swing temperature to thermostat device (@luispina)
    • Used when Mode Automation is enabled in device settings
    • Defaults to 0, so all existing devices will continue to have same behavior as before
    • Mimics the swing temp setting on thermostats to affect when furnace or A/C kicks on. For example, if swing temp is set to 2 degree, then heating won’t turn on until actual temp is 2 degrees below heating setpoint.

No additional actions are necessary like recreating the creator device. If you don’t see these new device settings options in your existing switch/Alexa switch/thermostat device after the driver updates, you may need to create a new virtual device.


Unfortunately the momentary button combo is all synced in some way, meaning that even with any of the settings, the momentary button changes the state of the switch to a different state whether momentarily or as a toggle. I need something that can work independently.

Is it possible to link the standard switch/contact with an alarm or lock that can be switched independently?

I did see the door sensor can be a door or a lock and I can use these statuses for routines, however, I cannot reset these statuses using a routine. I also find it odd when it is “on” the contact sensor is “closed”. This is probably the best option currently available but it has some quirks that make it unusable.

@Mariano_Colmenarejo has multi switch virtual device if that helps


Is it just my hub, but all my virtual switches are not working?

Thanks for adding the swing option to the virtual thermostat!

However, it appears to work as expected only for whole values (e.g., from 70 to 71). If you set a swing of 1 and a set heating point of 70, the thermostat will start heating at 69.0 and stop at 69.1. It should heat until 70.0, stop until 69.0, and start heating again until 70.0.

I’m asking as I have some Rules API automations to sync a virtual thermostat with a temperature sensor that has a precision of 0.3.

Thanks in advance!

I’ll look at this. Thanks for letting me know.

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Yikes! The driver was updated today so keep me posted on your situation.

2 of them just updated out of the blue. Most of mine won’t change state from their last one. Even when I try to manually toggle them. It just times out trying.

I also tried rebooting the hub.

Just to follow up, it appears they have corrected themselves and are starting to function today.

No sure what changed ,but I’ve toggled several and my routines have toggled a few this afternoon.

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