[ST Edge] Use Momentary capability in Dashboard View


I think I have a couple issues with Edge device capabilities working correctly on the mobile app dashboard . Could you see if you can recreate these and confirm if this is something that needs to be reported back to the engineering team?

BTW, I am seeing these issues on the iOS mobile app:

  1. smokeDetector capability: no state shown on dashboard, and no change in the icon when state changes from clear to detected or back again. I have no device config/vid defined - just using the stock capability defined in an Edge profile.

  2. momentary capability: button not appearing on dashboard. I happen to have a different driver with a different device also using the momentary capability and it is appearing ok for that device. One difference is that device also includes some other capabilities, including custom capabilities. In the device where I’m not getting the button on the dashboard, I have only the momentary capability defined for the device. I even tried defining an explicit device config with momentary in the dashboard action json section and including the vid in the device profile metadata, but it didn’t change anything.

It would be great if you could confirm if these are indeed known issues in Edge devices.

Thank you.

I guess you are talking about the action button on the dashboard tile? I don’t see that on Android either. However I’ve also never seen another device that only has the momentary capability and as I’ve commented elsewhere I don’t see the purpose of it.



I’ve find it useful where you simply need to trigger something to execute. Could be a driver device that sends something to another LAN device, for example, or performs a POST request or whatever. I realize these are ‘specialty’ devices and not your typical standard capabilities.

Yes, this is already reported but it’s not an Edge drivers issue because it affects other integrations.

The momentary capability is not set in the “actions” section of the Dashboard View by default for the automatically generated presentation.
Your thought of creating a custom device-config was correct, however, you need to verify (in the devices list) that your device is using the new presentation.
I created a device with the momentary capability, assigned a custom VID and the button is displayed correctly (both Android and iOS).

Thank you for your reply!

Yes, my presentationId (154237ea-dea5-33bd-864d-af27063083ba) is shown as expected in the device list (c036de58-1977-49da-bd14-0a42a504a451). So not sure why it’s not working. Does the category matter? I am using ‘Others’.

This is my profile:

name: vedgemomentary.v1
- id: main
    - id: momentary
      version: 1
    - name: Others
  vid: 154237ea-dea5-33bd-864d-af27063083ba
  mnmn: SmartThingsCommunity

Follow-up to above:

I generated a new presentationId and then created 3 identical momentary devices. One of the three had the button on the dashboard. However when you tap it, it spins for a long time and you get the message ‘we are having trouble connecting…’. Whereas if you tap the button on the details screen it works normally (for all three devices).

So I’m going to assume for now this is indeed buggy.

ok, I double-checked and this plugin issue seems to be only affecting Edge Drivers.
I already created the corresponding report, so the engineering team can look at it.
Thank you for bringing it to our attention. :+1:


Oh yes, you can have a device with just a Momentary action as long as it actually includes the code to actually do something. It is the idea of a ‘virtual Momentary’ that doesn’t seem to make any sense.

Here’s an update:
The issue appears when we use only the “momentary” capability in the device profile (in iOS). If we add another capability, the button is displayed in the Dashboard View. However, the team will look into that as it’s not present on Android devices.

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