iOS vs android edge Drivers render differently

So, I continue my development journey, I have a ‘simple’ edge driver with 4 capabilities, 2 of which are intended to be editable attributes on the details view, the third is a status displayed attribute and the 4th is a couple of text buttons.

On my iOS phone this produced just the status capability on the details view.
So I set about debugging, and started with just one capability, adding the capabilities one by one.
It seems to fail (ie revert to just the status capability when I try adding the third capability.

At this point, I decided to try my new android virtual phone!!! Lo and behold, it works fine.

@nayelyz Is this different behaviour known?

I think that the behavior you describe is because in Android, by clearing the app’s cache, the new added capabilities appear in detail view or because of a dynamic change from one profile to another or change to a driver with different capabilities.

In IOs it is not possible and I don’t know how IOs users do it to see the different capabilities when they change from one profile to another in a device or a driver that has different capabilities



This is consistent with the somewhat random behaviour I am seeing

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Thank you for jumping in, @Mariano_Colmenarejo!
Indeed, in iOS, the cache cannot be cleared like in Android, you can reinstall the app or delete the device and add it again (changing its name helps).
So, currently, are all your capabilities shown correctly?