Smoke Detector Not Showing Status in Dashboard

I am working on smoke and cabon monoxide detectors, utilizing the standard capability for each. The dashboard status for the smoke detector is showing “Connected” with an active icon, rather than “Clear” like the carbon monoxide device are. I have tried this with both the auto generated presentation as well as a custom vid. Both have the same issue.

Here is the dashboard section of the vid

    - component: main
      capability: smokeDetector
      version: 1
      idx: 0
      group: main
      values: []
      composite: false
  actions: []
  basicPlus: []

Indeed, there’s an issue in the app with the smokeDetector capability. This is already reported but there hasn’t been an update yet. It affects all the integrations, not only Edge drivers:

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Thanks. The description in there doesn’t exactly match, by it is all under the umbrella of “smoke detector issues”. I’ll hold tight and write it as if it will start working soon.