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Does it work correctly on the SmartThings app?

I’m looking into it.

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Yes (except for the small bugs listed above).

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I’m just starting on Tasmota, encouraged by what I saw on this driver, so sorry if I miss something which is obvious. While I’ve read right through this thread I can’t find why they’re not recognised in ST for me.

I have 2 sensors set up and running in Tasmota:

-VINDRIKTNING 2.5pm sensor

-Analag soil moisture sensor as ADC Range on the GPOI 17 pin

I create as 1 Contact sensor, enter the IP for 2 sensors, and while both device tiles show their signal strength they remain as Contact Sensor, nothing more.
Do I need to enter something in the Tasmota console?



Solved! Needed to create as Metering Switch to be found, and not sensor!
Works perfectly, even with the analog range, in this case a soil moisture sensor. I think this is a formidable tool, something that enables me to use a cheap analog sensor to run a routine that will make Alexa tell me when the plant needs watering, without writing a line of code!
Ten days ago I’d never tried Tasmota and I’ve only needed to study the console commands to calibrate it.
No need for HA, Arduino etc, Smartthings can do almost anything I need, and this driver is great - will be trying more sensors and upgrading for sure.

ST Edge is great!
Maybe I am a bit confused. But how do I add a virtual button so that I can update its state by http call? It seems the HTTP button/switch is just different way that do a http call when state changes.

Two ways:
One: in the smartthings app Click “Menu” then “Labs” and you’ll see an option for a virtual switch.
Second: In TAustin’s API Browser there is an option to create Virtual Devices of all types. I haven’t tried it yet but it’s an option!

Hope this helps.

I actually want a virtual motion sensor that I can change state by a http call.
It seems I can use the RF bridge and create sensors under it. But I could not find how to control the RF bridge by http call.
I see a dimmer send state change to ST Edge with call like
I think I need know what call be like when send a sensor state change from RF Bridge?

Figured out, the payload is like
{“Mac”:“CC50E3DXXXX1”,“RfReceived”:{“RfKey”:“[user defined code in montion sensor]”}}

Looks like you got it fixed yesterday. Functionality is there now. Thank you!

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Hi, I have one of the new Konnected boards that has the ESP-12F chip. Is it possible to flash the ESP-12F with tasmota?

I found this: ESP-12F 5V/7-28V 8 Channel Relay Board (ESP12F_Relay_X8_v1.1) Configuration for Tasmota

Thanks for your assistance Tyler, that helps a lot. I will try and flash the new boards.

Anybody set up a 3 way switch? I feel like the right rule could make it work. I just haven’t wrapped my head around it

You can use either Tasmota rules ( example ) or ST automations.

Is there a way to get rid of the “Signal Strength” logged in history? I only want to see what devices got triggered.

What I have is an SS02 3-way switch. I had to solve this issue before with Groovy drivers and may have worked with you on it but it’s not so simple now. There are 2 toggles for the dashboard for this switch. Toggle 2 (Power2) is the relay that switches the power. Toggle 1 (Power 1) tracks the power state but does not switch the circuit. In groovy, I had the device handler trigger an event (on or off) and used rules to change ledstate and toggle Power2. I’m not sure what to do with the current driver to make it work

It’s under the device’s settings -

Thanks again Tyler. There were no problems flashing the ESP12F. It works great!

No problem. Glad I didn’t help you brick it! :sweat_smile:

Am I making sense here? The edge driver sends a Power1 On/Off to the SS02. This doesn’t switch the circuit. Power2 toggles the circuit power but Power1 indicates whether the circuit is on or off. I can’t figure a way to flip the circuit using a Power1 coming from Smartthings.