[ST EDGE] Sage/Echostar Doorbell Sensor

Finished work on the Sage/Echostar doorbell sensor (with 2 inputs).

If you’re interested in trying it (consider it in beta just like the rest of the Edge drivers), please sign up here:

The driver is a amalgamation of the stock Edge Zigbee Button drivers with support for the Doorbell device added alongside. I will continue to update against the base driver from ST and release as needed.

  1. Use the invite CStup Edge Driver Invitation
  2. Enroll your hub
  3. Click “Available Drivers”
  4. Click the “Install” button on Zigbee Button CS
  5. In the mobile app, pair your device using + Device → Scan for nearby devices
  6. Press and hold the reset button while inserting the battery. Hold until the LED starts blinking, this will force a reset/join. The LED will continue blinking to indicate its pairing.
  7. Device should be added within 30 seconds.
  8. If you like this driver and want to buy me a coffee, thanks!

The device offers a single parameter thru Settings - the amount of time in seconds between presses. When the physical doorbell is held down, the device reports it being pressed every 250-500ms. This parameter filters out duplicate pressed triggers.

Some notes:

  1. This device is super odd as far as Zigbee goes.
  2. It will report battery status, but always as 0%. No amount of finagling will make it report the actual battery value. As such, battery is not currently an attribute for this driver.
  3. The device does send a battery status as part of a ZDO power descriptor but there are only 4 valid values (100%, 66%, 33%, 0%). I’ve only seen it send report 100% in testing, so that may be hardcoded too. If I have time I may go back and add support for parsing the descriptor.
  4. The fingerprint data has manufacturer name as " Echostar" and the model as " Bell", with the leading spaces.
  5. Every 21 to 22 minutes after the last data sent, it will send a Basic Cluster/Manufacturer Name Attribute report " Echostar" each time. This attribute isn’t reportable, but yet it reports it, likely as an odd choice for a keepalive.

Please let me know any questions or suggestions!


Tried to enroll and clicking on enroll does not seem to do anything.

Will try again tomorrow.

Thanks for working on this

Sometimes you have to refresh the screen a few times after the enroll click. Then the “Available Drivers” button will appear.

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Was able to enroll and add the doorbell drivers.

Will test later.

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it works!

I get notifications for the front door bell and the side door bell!

I use “Button1” and “Button2”/ “pressed” for notifications

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Thank you for this! It’s working great and sending notifications via a routine.

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Thank you!! I installed this yesterday and it works perfectly.

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Eugh I can’t get it to turn up in scan devices. I deleted the device from Smartthings - was that the wrong first step? Done the steps described over and over and also restarted the hub and no luck, it just doesn’t work.

Are you on iOS? When you do a scan from the app, is your hub green light blinking? iOS has an app issue with triggering scans.

If you’re on Android, the device should be found, its easy to pair.

Yes I am on iOS! And no blinking lights on hub - you may have cracked it. Can I start a scan from the web interface?

Unfortunately, no. Not from the IDE either. The issue for iOS is all over the forum here and I’m guessing will be fixed soon. I believe others are using/borrowing an Android device or using an emulator in the meantime.

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Instead of doing ‘scan nearby’, try picking a zigbee device from the brand list. If that gets the light blinking then it should pick up any new zigbee device even if it’s not the selected brand.


This was perfect advice, thanks - triggered the scan and picked it up straight away. Shout out to the Smartthings QA team, thanks for the massive ‘add devices’ bug on one of your biggest customer platforms :roll_eyes:

Many thanks to everyone here, I have a working doorbell ready for groovy’s demise - much appreciated.


@csstup do you have the code for the driver for this in a public repository? The driver works well for me, but I do get the device going offline occasionally, and then it never comes back online without me taking out the battery and putting it back in. I’m interested to see if there’s anything I can do within the driver to address this, or whether that’s just a Zigbee thing I have to live with.

Currently no, I don’t think so.

Not sure why it would be marked as offline, unless there’s a signal strength issue. Every 12 minutes or something it will send a report (of it’s manufacturer name, not very useful) but that will keep ST thinking it’s alive.

Do you have enough routing devices between the sensor and the hub?

I have several of the sensors online (both in use and for testing the driver) and they are rock solid and don’t drop off the ZigBee network.

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I think it’s been the few occasions where I’ve had to disconnect my hub (eg I’ve had to move it closer to a couple of devices to pair for things I’ve manually migrated) and it didn’t come back online after.

I only have a few zigbee devices, all my others are z-wave, but it’s the only device that’s behaved this way… hence wondering if it was driver specific.

The driver just maps the slightly non standard button action messages to ST events. Doesn’t do anything special or custom for ZigBee join or connection management. All that is the same as any other device would use. At some point I was going to add ZDO descriptor parsing to try and pull the battery level out but never got around to it.

@csstup So I got this device from a friend. Initially I thought it would pull current from the transformer to charge the battery, but it looks like it doesn’t do that. However, I found a hack: Since I only have one doorbell button, I connected the second lead for the back doorbell directly to the transformer. This actually does pass current, so it even shows as online, even with a dead battery! One problem, it always shows the one button constantly being pressed (Depending on the speed you have in the settings).
Could you add another setting, that would either disable the reporting on button 1 or button 2 entirely?
Something like:

  • Both Buttons Enabled
  • Disable Button 1
  • Disable Button 2
    That way I could have the sensor connected without having to need a battery, and without getting extra events in Smartthings. Thanks!


I just saw your post and was wondering if you have a driver for the Sage/Echostar switch ? I tried all your available with no luck ( invalid fingerprint ). BTW, I was able to see FingerPrinted_Endpoint_id: 0x12 in the device history when I tried a driver I found but it only gave me signal strength messages.

Here is another event…This appears to have some goodies in it :slight_smile:

Model Switch
Manufacturer Echostar
NetworkId 0x047B
Zigbee EUI 0008890001D79F0B
ZCL Version 1
Server Clusters 12={ 0000,0003,0009,
0001 }
Client Clusters 12={ 0003,0006,0008,
0019 }
Test bar

Thanks in advance,