Edge Driver for DB100Z Nexia Door Bell Sensor Smartthings?

Hello, my name is Harold and I have been using many different devices (over 70: Zigbee/Zwave) with my Samsung Smartthings Hub V2. I have been making my transition from relying on Device Handlers and moving to Edge Drivers. I have a DB100Z Nexia Door Bell Sensor which relys on a DH for it to work properly with Smartthings. Does anyone know if there is an Edge Driver for this device? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey Harold! I couldn’t find an edge driver for the Nexia Door Bell Sensor and I noticed it didn’t work with the generic Z-Wave Sensor driver so I wrote an edge driver for it. Channel invite is below. You’re welcome to see if it works for you. I’ve tested it with my Nexia Door Bell sensor and it’s working well for me.

deviceManufacturerCode: 0178-4442-3130
deviceModel: 4442-3130


Thanks for taking the time to develop this driver. Today mine cut over to the generic edge driver and broke. It was the last device I had on groovy and I figured I would just have to do something else out or throw it out. I setup your driver and it works perfectly. My office is in the basement and this solution works good for me when I get deliveries or guest at the door so I hated to see it die. Thanks again.

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Agreed, thank you so much @justin-stanley! Mine also cut over today to a bogus driver and stopped working. I’ve switched over to the new driver and hopefully it starts working again. So far, the SmartThings apps are completely confused saying “Cannot connect to device. Check device and try again.” but I’m hopeful this will right itself “over time” the way this entire (awful) system works.

@justin-stanley, the device has now appeared in SmartThings and seems to be working perfectly in that regard. I can watch the device screen update when I press the doorbell button and the reported status is perfectly responsive to button presses. However, the device has now disappeared from all Voice assistant integrations. Both Amazon Alexa and Google Home no longer show the Doorbell device. I even tried reconnecting Google Home to SmartThings. It enumerated all the available devices but the Doorbell was no longer in the list. It is almost like SmartThings is no longer exporting it.

Can you, @hkuryliw and/or @hhaynes47 check if this is happening to you too? Is this because the device is no longer a “Contact sensor” and is instead reporting as an actual “Doorbell”, and this is maybe not exported by SmartThings? Or could it be something in the way the driver is written preventing export? Is there any way to get a version of this driver (or a setting) that would make it report as as simple contact sensor the same way the old Groovy driver worked? I truly appreciate the work that went into this and like that it reports as a proper doorbell, but if SmartThings isn’t going to export that data to voice assistants it becomes useless to me. Triggering voice assistants is entirely the reason I have the doorbell so I can trigger smart speaker announcements in areas that cannot hear the doorbell.

I can confirm I have the same issue with it not coming through the Amazon smart speaker. I saw the device on Alexa not thinking to check it more throughly. So I tested the device that was shown and it is not working. I deleted it from Alexa and now it will not show up at all.

For the record, I did some testing with Virtual Devices in SmartThings. Simple contact sensors and switches from that driver do seem to still come across into both Voice Assistants, so there’s clearly something specific with this Nexia driver that’s causing the issue. The general integrations seem to still be working fine. There was no available Virtual Doorbell for me to use as a test of that device type, so I couldn’t test further to see where the problem might be.

I did the same. I might have an older version of the vEdge creator but it would not allow a momentary button on Alexa so I created a Virtual contact sensor that does work. My tigger in Smartthings to notify me that the door bell is ringing just turns the vContact sensor on for 1 second. I have that vContact sensor trigger the voice in Alexa. Works good enough for now.

Yep, I did the same thing last night. It works, but is noticeably slower than the way it used to work due to the added complexity of a SmartThings routine triggering a virtual contact sensor and then triggering another routine in Alexa.

Maybe the “Momentary Button” type is what isn’t being exported to Voice Assistants. I don’t think either Alexa or Google Home have the concept of a “Momentary button”. Just switch and contact sensors.

Thank you @justin-stanley for this. It got my Nexia doorbell sensor (and the notification it sends out) working again!

Also thanks to @robross0606 for pointing me in the right direction to find this.

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Any chance we’ll ever get an updated to this that supports Alexa integration?

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