Edge Driver for DB100Z Nexia Door Bell Sensor Smartthings?

Hello, my name is Harold and I have been using many different devices (over 70: Zigbee/Zwave) with my Samsung Smartthings Hub V2. I have been making my transition from relying on Device Handlers and moving to Edge Drivers. I have a DB100Z Nexia Door Bell Sensor which relys on a DH for it to work properly with Smartthings. Does anyone know if there is an Edge Driver for this device? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey Harold! I couldn’t find an edge driver for the Nexia Door Bell Sensor and I noticed it didn’t work with the generic Z-Wave Sensor driver so I wrote an edge driver for it. Channel invite is below. You’re welcome to see if it works for you. I’ve tested it with my Nexia Door Bell sensor and it’s working well for me.

deviceManufacturerCode: 0178-4442-3130
deviceModel: 4442-3130

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