Zigbee sage doorbell

Hello, is there an edge driver for sage doorbell.

This device has 2 inputs, front and back door.

It is wired to be in parallel to the doorbell chime, one wire for each, front or back door.

Will this work after migration 9/30?

I have a DTH I built for it. I can do an Edge driver in the next week or so if no one else has one. It’s a bit of an odd device. I think battery updates were weird too.

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Oh that’s great! Thank you!

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How do you integrate your Sage doorbell with Smartthings today? Do you treat them like buttons (button 1 - front, button 2 - rear) and trigger events off the buttons changing to “pressed”? Or would supporting the concept of “presence” for front and rear make sense too? I’ve seen where pressing the button triggers presence (ie, someone is/was standing at the front door) that will clear in some number of seconds (say, 60). You could always add virtual presence devices to do that if you needed it though.

Those are great questions.

I think button pressed is fine.

With the device type handler that I am using, there is only 1 presence and not 2 so I have to use buttons. Button 1 and button 2 to differentiate side door or front door.

The buttons do not appear as available in the new routines

Also, the old custom monitors does not have an activation for button press either

Therefore I created 2 edge virtual switch devices that I then can use with routine; need to create 2 routines, as the name of the virtual device is not automatically included in the message. So need 2 rules, one for each virtual switch sensor. To include front door or side door in message.

I needed to use 2 smart lighting rules to set virtual switches on/off depending on button press.

I probably should have used a virtual contact sensor instead of a switch if I wanted to use the custom monitors. It seems contact sensors show up but not switches.

I am assuming custom monitors are going away but I do not know

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Have you had a chance to work on this? Is this something you are still thinking you might do?

Thanks in advance,

Yep, still working on it. I had to make a test harness with a current loop so it’s a little more involved than normal sensors. But it’s still in progress. Should be soon. :crossed_fingers:

Oh I get it. LOL :frowning: :grinning:
So you have a test setup so you do not have to go to the actual doorbell to test, and can toggle the voltage on and off as you test

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This is great to hear, thank you! I’ve been checking which of my devices will continue to work post groovy shutdown and think this is the only one fortunately that won’t.

I modified the DTH made by DarwinsDen to get this to work in the SmartThings app as a button with Routines and not having to use WebCore, but haven’t looked at all at what it takes to make an edge driver yet.

I’m similarly happy with a momentary button press rather than presence. You’re right in that I don’t think anyone ever got the battery status integration working but that’s no issue.

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Published the Edge driver for the Sage/Echostar doorbell sensor. Check it out here:

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Thanks! I’ve installed the driver and will switch over to using it as soon as I get half an hour to unscrew the box with the doorbell transformer in and reset the device. I very much appreciate your efforts though.

Just following up to say I finally got around to resetting the device to re-pair it and it picked up your driver straight away and is working perfectly, so thank you. My first (working) Edge driver…