[ST Edge] Philips Hue LAN [BETA] (3rd Party Driver, Not ST Native)

This is to be expected at this point. ST needs to release some functionality to provide a true sync. Otherwise, they will sync up periodically.

Neither refreshing nor waiting is working to pull in new scenes for me.

It is possible that the app itself is not updating the UI. I will run some more tests to verify the behavior, but it should sync at least once an hour without any action.

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I have confirmed the issue is in ST. Although the UI shows the spinning refresh symbol when you swipe down, it is not actually sending the event to the driver. I will have to followup with the ST team and get back to you. In the meantime, you can restart the hub or wait an hour.

@Nezmo I have seen this issue with scene refresh too. I have found that changing the name of a Room/Zone in the ST app (add an x to the end for example) triggers a refresh… The name can then be reverted back.

Odd I know but this has worked 100% so far for me :thinking:

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To be clear, for me, scenes are not updated after waiting the hour either.

EDIT: Wondering if this is related in some way to the wider problem being reported that iOS discovery is not currently working.

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I see this behavior in testing as well and will followup with an updated version once it is resolved.

Just tried this. Changing the name of ONE device seems to have caused all devices to update their scenes info.



Yes. This causes the edge driver to get a signal that the device has changed. The ST app should be sending the refresh when you pull down as well. It was originally reported as an iOS bug, but I also see it on Android. I reported this issue and hope to hear back soon.


Does your driver (or even the API) support starting of scenes in dynamic mode? I can successfully start scenes but only in their static state.

Yes. It is supported by the API. The “Play Favorite” UI doesn’t allow any customization for now. I have consider making it a setting, but then it would always be on for that room when choosing a scene.

Thanks. It would be a great option in IMHO. I’m trying to get my holiday lighting that involves Hue fully automated. The Hue app lacks some of the logic required for me to do that so your driver along with ST/SharpTools are a godsend.

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@Nezmo / @TheHundredthIdiot Thank you for the bug report on refresh :+1:

Published 2022-10-

  • Updated network error codes for ST
  • Fixed auto reconnect for unreachable hub
  • Synchronize light offline state with zigbee connectivity
  • Fix periodic refresh of hub
  • Fix pull-to-refresh for rooms/zones/lights
  • Auto-on for lights when applying a lighting effect

Thanks @blueyetisoftware!

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Ohhh my devices have just updated and I am getting motion events from my Hue sensors now too… :+1::+1:

That will only be intermittent for now. It’s wired up for when ST releases the new event framework. They won’t update live just yet, but they will show motion if they happen to be in that state when it syncs.

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The best way to accomplish this looks like it is actually in the Hue app. You can change the default mode for a scene by going into the Edit screen. Toggle on Auto-Play by default. Then when the driver applies the scene, it will be dynamic. This is better since you can apply it to individual scenes. You can save multiple variations and they will be available in the scenes menu.


Thanks @blueyetisoftware. Perfect! I had missed that option in the Hue app.

Just wanted to report back that this is working well for me now.



@blueyetisoftware What Hue switches and buttons can I import in the future? Hue smart button, Hue tap switch, Hue dimmer switch v1 are available?