ST & Pioneer Elite VSX-90 Integration

Hello! I could use some help figuring out how to create an automation to change from “Speakers A” to “Speakers B” on my Pioneer Elite VSX-90 using ST. Here is what I am trying to do - create an automation called “Listen to Music Outside”. I have everything set up right in terms of the input. The thing I can’t figure out is how to change from my indoor speakers (Speakers A on the VSX-90) to the outdoor speakers (Speakers B on the VSX-90).

If I browse the VSX-90 device on the ST app I don’t see any way to do this (no option for Output Parameter or Speakers A or B). The funny thing is - I recall this USED to be an option. I had not used my ST for about a year (moved houses) and now that I am trying to recreate my setup these options no longer exist in the app for my VSX-90 device. This should be really easy - I just simply do not know why these device options are no longer available in the app.

Any help would really be appreciated!