[ST Edge] LAN Device Monitor

Do you have a device on your local LAN that you want to monitor to see if it is online or offline, such as a TV, networking gear, streaming device, IP camera, etc.? If the device supports the SSDP discovery standard, then this driver will allow you to build automations based on its status.

This is an Edge driver, meaning it runs 100% locally on your hub and local LAN, allowing for fast local automations.

See this readme file for more information and how to get the driver from my shared channel: edge_landevmon/README.md at main · toddaustin07/edge_landevmon · GitHub

Please note the Edge platform is still in beta, so treat this driver accordingly.

Thanks to @Mariano_Colmenarejo for providing the inspiration for this driver and being an early tester!


Nice little “tool”. I managed to find my Xbox, tv and router. Already few ideas about potential automations. Is there an icon for gaming console? If there is, could you add it at some point?

Would it be possible to give a discovered device a WOL command ?

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There isn’t one in the list that I have, but if you see a device with one, let me know.

Possibly, although I’d have to confirm that there isn’t any Edge platform restriction on using the broadcast address/port used for WOL magic packets. I’d also need to add a config setting to provide the device’s mac address. Curiously, it’s not available in the SSDP device description data that is provided.

Let me do some investigation and I’ll get back to you.

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Thanks Tod, my useage would be to wake a PC that is used as a server, it is set to sleep after a few hours so would be very useful to be able to wake it up if I want to use it

Also is there a camera icon available ??

There is a camera icon; I could add. In fact I may replace the DVD icon with that because DVD doesn’t seem to be working - at least not on iOS. Anyone tried it on Android?

Nope. It doesn’t work. I tried to use it as my Xbox icon.

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I just pushed a driver update with the camera icon option.

I removed the DVD icon option since it’s not working.

Well this is really cool. Works great and thank you! First edge driver install, which I can see why STs says is easier than IDE, at least for the consumer.

My Pioneer Home Theater receiver shows up and I’m far happier giving it LAN access than my Vizio TV.

This would allow me to completely replace my Harmony integration, which was always only a single direction for me (status to ST), now that my remote has failed with no new parts available and the inevitable shutdown. Plus the benefit of making those automations local.

Would also be good to monitor and give notifications for my robot mower walking off, if it works (up till spring).

Only other use I could think of, other than just device monitoring, would be presence sensors based on device wifi connection, but no response from our phones.

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My router icon has reverted back to switch
driver update not populated out to me yet, 12hrs is it not ?

Odd happenings, now the created drivers show off although the monitor option is on and the devices are on, camera icon still fails to display and device state shows unknown

Think I have narrowed it down, I had an Internet outage last night, that seems to have stopped the created devices from monitoring and they will not re monitor unless each driver is re created at which point they report correctly

Works well for monitoring my TV status, thank you!

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Uninstalled all created devices and driver, worked on some devices early last night, had the Internet outage which seemed to have confused the created drivers and there connected items, Tv appeared to continue but one ip cam failed reconnection , deleted and re added but now fails the connection all the time, even though it did work the night before

Other devices on the lan could not be added, will re try adding the driver and starting again in a few days

Would it be possible to download and run the CLI so you could get some log output? I can walk you through it if needed. If you have a windows machine, it’s pretty easy.

Absolutely Tod, least I can do. Throw some instructions or links at me and I will do what I can

Updated LAN Device Monitor driver now available

This driver update contains the following enhancements:

  • More ‘forgiving’ handling of returned device info during discovery
  • Workaround for Sonos speaker device data issue
  • Send Wake-on-LAN requests

Please see the readme file on github for the most recent description & instructions.

For anyone who has tried and failed to use this driver with a particular device, I’d encourage you try retry that device with this new driver. Even if device info is not properly returned by a device, it might still be able to be monitored, with some details on the device details screen set to ‘unknown’.

A note regarding Wake-on-LAN: although included in this driver, this feature is not part of the UPnP/SSDP discovery and monitoring protocols. It is a separate industry standard. Just because you can discover and monitor a device, does not mean it will support WOL. And if WOL works with a particular device, does not mean that device can be discovered and monitored. They are mutually exclusive, but you can create a device with this driver that enables either or both.

To use the WOL feature, you will have to find out the MAC address of the target device and configure it in a new Settings option. (Your router’s DHCP client list can be a good source for this info.)

I’d want to thank @fido for his suggestion to add the WOL feature and for his great patience in helping me test these driver updates.

I got wol working with my Samsung tv but we all know wol won’t work if tv has been off some time. Neat little feature though. My Xbox was found too but wol didn’t work.

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WOL is an animal unto itself, Tod has worked wonders with this driver and I use it to wake my server Pc but if it is off line for too long the same thing happens as with Samsung tvs, WOL disappears, non the less this app really helps with monitoring devices states

Thank you Tod, fantastic driver

A simple but effective routine is to have ST notify you if a discovered router drops offline

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Agreed 110%, this is a big step forward and hopefully inspiration to other developers.