[ST Edge] Trigger SmartThings from a LAN device or app via simple HTTP

I’m making a new Edge driver available that works with my Forwarding Bridge Server (described here) that allows any LAN-based device or application to be able to trigger a SmartThings automation locally.

For anyone currently using webCoRE piston URLs, this provide an analogous way to invoke automation routines or Rules with purely local execution. The LAN-based device or application needs only to send an HTTP POST request in the form of:

POST http://<bridge-server-address>/<deviceName>/trigger

The SmartThings devices created by this driver have a simple momentary button capability that gets ‘pushed’ when this message is received and thus can be used in IF conditions to trigger SmartThings routines.

More info can be found on github here.


I was asked by @Sakari if I could provide an option to change icons for this device, so I have implemented that feature and am making available a NEW version of the LAN-Triggered device driver on my shared projects channel. It is called LAN Device Trigger V2, and initial version is 2022-06-07T16:45:06.852659181.

In devices created by this driver, there is a device Settings option is now included that allows you to choose among 5 device icon types: Other, Switch, Plug (outlet), Light, Remote.

Once you save the change, you may have two wait a minute or two before you see the icon change in your mobile app. And/or you may have to restart your mobile app (especially iOS users).

Be aware that if you choose Switch, Plug, or Light, you can have additional icon choices by going into the device Edit screen and choosing from a group of icons displayed there.

I had to implement this as a separate/new driver, rather than an update to the existing one due to some issues with SmartThings. But if you have a device that was created with the original driver and it has a bunch of routines using it that you don’t want to have to re-do, you can use the mobile app to move the device to the new driver and it will continue to operate as normal. However you won’t have the option to change icons for that migrated device. You’ll only have that option for devices created by the V2 driver.

Future driver enhancements will be made to the V2 driver. I will keep the original driver on the channel for several weeks longer, but at some time I will remove it. So plan on moving to the V2 driver in the next month or so.