[ST Edge] Klipper 3D Printer

Edge driver to monitor the status and issue basic commands to a 3D printer running Klipper (via Moonraker) over LAN.

Monitoring includes:

  • Online/offline status
  • Current printer state
  • Print progress
  • Extruder and bed temperatures
  • Part cooling fan speed
  • Messages via the M117 gcode

Printer commands:

  • Emergency stop
  • Pause
  • Resume
  • Cancel
  • Reboot Host (Pi)
  • Shutdown Host (Pi)

Both the status and commands can be used in routines.


  1. Enroll your SmartThings hub in the AgainTalent Release Channel: https://bestow-regional.api.smartthings.com/invite/QLMO8LK4rk23
  2. Install the Moonraker-Klipper driver
  3. Open the SmartThings app and scan for nearby devices
  4. Once the printer is ‘found’, edit its settings to configure the IP address and other fields


  • HTTPS is untested - feedback would be appreciated if anyone’s gone to the effort
  • Only the main extruder is supported
  • Only one printer (instance) is supported
    • Multiple instances will be implemented in the future
  • Temperature values in routines are limited to -20°C - 50°C because the driver uses SmartThings’ temperatureMeasurement capability
    • You do get pretty graphs in return, however
  • Print time remaining estimate uses the metadata provided by the slicer
    • Other methods (eg. filament length) will be added in the future


All code available on GitHub: GitHub - againtalent/SmartThings-Klipper: SmartThings Edge driver for Klipper 3D Printers

A huge thank you to everyone in this community who publish their code. Having the ability to see others’ solutions to problems has saved me countless hours in trial and error after trying to make sense of the poor developer documentation.

This very much a beta driver. Use at your own risk.

I only have the one printer running Klipper, so all testing has been done on this machine. I do not plan on adding any further functionality, however will do my best to fix any issues/bugs and will consider any reasonable requests.