[ST Edge] Issues with the CLI - Edge commands

'm embarking on converting my existing devices to edge. Having trouble with the basics of the CLI.


PS C:\Users\paull\OneDrive\Documents\SmartThings> smartthings edge:channel:create
 »   Warning: edge:channel:create is not a smartthings command.

Actually any command that begins with smartthings edge: fails with a similar error.

Is this a problem with the version of my CLI? I have tried npm update -g @smartthings/cli.

Current version is: @smartthings/cli/0.0.0-pre.26 win32-x64 node-v12.18.1

Your CLI version is definitely a problem. They added the Edge plugin with pre.27. Grab the current pre.34 and try again:


As @philh30 said, you should update the version to the latest release.
I’m curious about the command syntax, did you install the CLI through npm or did you download the file of the release?