[ST Edge] Issue with the integer type device preferences

There is a new issue that a recent update to the mobile app has just caused:

For an integer device preferences field, the app now shows the allowable range in the field editing popup. However, if in the device profile, you defined only a min, and not a max, the app no longer accepts ANY input. This has broken all Edge devices using integer preference setting fields: I suspect the same problem happens if you have a max defined but not a min.

So the temporary answer might be that min and max is now mandatory. But then my next question would be is, has the 999 limit been fixed?!


Thank you for bringing this up. I was able to replicate this behavior also for the number type preferences, so I will report it.

About the maximum, it seems that the range is being considered correctly now (at least for Android, checking on iOS…). Eg.


Thanks. I’m able to enter a number > 999 as well on iOS. Just haven’t confirmed yet that it is getting passed back to the driver correctly.

UPDATE: It is getting passed to the driver OK.


Same problem with string / text preference types. Without both min and max length, it will no longer accept any input. And max length limits you to 36, so I can no longer accept any preference text > 36 characters.

This is a real bummer.

The engineering team is already analyzing the issue. I’ll let you know more as soon as I receive their feedback.

Hello, @TAustin.

The team mentioned the issue with the minimum and maximum is solved in the new release of the app, I checked on Android and it is working correctly.

Yes, thanks, I noticed that the other day on my iOS app. If no maximum is defined in the Edge device profile, then some VERY large number is shown in the app for the range.

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