[EDGE] Cryptic error 422 when packaging driver

@nayelyz, reporting an issue/annoyance:

packinging up a new driver with the cli:
smartthings edge:drivers:package sensor
and the CLI responds with:

Which definition? Which option? Turns out I had an enumeration description longer than 36 characters. Had to find it via trial and error:

  - name: "brokenPreference"
    title: "Broken Preference"
    description: "If you try and use an enumeration option description longer than 36 characters you get an error."
    required: true
    preferenceType: enumeration
        0: "Less than 36"
        1: "Longer than 36 characters will throw a a cryptic error code with no context"
      default: 1

Hi, @csstup!
Sorry for the delay, I already shared your comments with the engineering team and they will review this request.

Thanks for bringing this up!

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