Why are Number preference input values restricted to the tenths decimal place?

My edge driver device requires a user entered location (latitude, longitude).

… leads me to think this should work (for latitude) in my device profile …

  - name: latitude
    title: Latitude
    description: "Location latitude in decimal degrees"
    required: true
    preferenceType: number
      minimum: -90.0
      maximum: 90.0
      default: 34.052235

… and it does, except when it comes to the user input part.
There, the whole default value (above) is presented but it is greyed out (as invalid?).
Only when the least significant decimal places are trimmed off, leaving only the tenths, is the value accepted as valid input.


Hi, @rossetyler.
Thank you for reporting this behavior. I’ll make some tests and let you know my results.

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