[ST Edge] Iris Motion Sensor driver

Thus far, 2 attempts and 2 failures…Iris V2 motion sensor stuck on checking and no info using zigbee motion sensor driver. The second failure was a
n Ecolink Zigbee window door sensor which refused to pair with the Zigbee contact driver and instead defaulted to the stock Groovy DTH

Did you create your own edge drivers for those? The SmartThings ones don’t support the fingerprints for those.

then that would explain the contact sensor but the Iris motion sensor paired just as that…an Iris multisensor…temp, humidity, motion but no data with the crossed out cloud

What is the Type for it in the Groovy IDE?

Zigbee Motion, temp, humidity but i had placed it on smartsence motion so it would run local

Those are Groovy device types, so it didn’t pair as an Edge device.

It did in fact pair as the ZigBee motion sensor Edge driver…

is it a V2 or V3 iris sensor? V3 is the only one that has humidity. Edge devices should show as placeholder in the Groovy IDE, so something went sideways with that sensor.


It did show as a placeholder and it is the last manufactured version. It shows humidity with the stock groovy implementation

Now I’m confused.

I think you were asking what it shows at the moment, wanting to make sure it was a placeholder and so clearly an Edge driver being used, but the answer was the DTH that was being used prior to the Edge driver. If not, I am confused too.

The Iris Multipurpose Sensor is fingerprinted for the Zigbee Motion Sensor driver, but the manufacturer and model are ‘iMagic by GreatStar’ and ‘1117-S’ so it doesn’t leap out at you.

Right, I was going by V2, which is not fingerprinted in the Zigbee Motion Driver. But sounds like Troy is using a V3 which is the correct one. I have one Iris V3 moved over to Edge and so far its worked well.

Wonder why it wouldn’t work for me. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver. Deleting and rejoining but nothing

Have you checked if there’s an error when you install it in the Hub logs?
You need to configure the ST CLI and use the command below and enter your Hub’s IP address. That could show us more info.

smartthings edge:drivers:logcat

Also, have you waited before uninstalling the device to see if it receives the information? Sometimes the reports are not received when the device is recently joined.

Do these iris V3 sensors need to be converted to an edge driver to continue working? Will they still work with the DTH that was auto-generated when the device was added?

Every Edge driver is currently in beta, so Groovy still works fine. At some point, SmartThings will migrate devices from Groovy DTH to Edge drivers. But that plan hasn’t been explained or a timeline given.

I am assuming that smartthings will not move everything over themselves. That the users will have to move over some of their custom devices….

Yet to be determined.

I’m sure you’re right for Custom DTH. Standard DTH I would expect them to automatically migrate and be very disappointed if they don’t.

Well I decided to try the process again and this time it joined and works properly. All data shown including motion, temperture, humidity, and battery. This pretty great and a big step in the right direction