Zigbee device handler help - humidity

I’m trying to write a device handler for the new Iris motion sensor. It’s a little unique compared to previous models since it supports humidity. So i’ve taken the SmartSense Motion handler, added my fingerprint and spliced in the humidity bits from the SmartSense Temp/Humidity handler. But alas, i’m not getting and humidity reports. Can someone checkout my code and see what the issue may be?

Maybe the humidity report messages aren’t parseable by zigbee.parseDescriptionAsMap?

What description: XXXXX message XXXX debug messages are you seeing in the log output?

description: read attr - raw: 50920100010A200000201E, dni: 5092, endpoint: 01, cluster: 0001, size: 0A, attrId: 0020, result: success, encoding: 20, value: 1e

cluster: 0001 & attrId: 0020 is battery voltage in units of 100mV

So that’s saying the voltage is 3.0V (value: 1e = 30).

Perhaps if you breathe on the sensor it might encourage it to produce a humidity report, if it’s programmed to only send reports when there’s an X% change in RH. That’s a trick that works for me with Xiaomi / Aqara Temp/Humidity sensors.

i’ll give that a whirl when i get home. I was hoping the refresh would send it since it sent the temperature the first time. Thanks!

I think this device only has one endpoint so you should be able to remove the [destEndpoint: 0x02] part of this line:


i was just reading the classic documentation (imagine that!) and tried it and it worked! for the refresh at least. Will get it through a configure when i get home. Thanks! Now wishing I would have picked up more of these when they were $13.50 on black friday…


Worked for me too, thanks!