[ST Edge] How to create child devices with edge?

I think we’re loosely saying the same thing. :slight_smile:

Groovy DTHs originally only had the concept of Parent-Child devices. Components were a concept introduced with the next-gen platform (eg. next-gen C2C integrations circa 2017-2018). Following that, Groovy devices which were creating child devices could be enriched to add the isComponent: true flag when creating a child and it was also created as a component so it would display in the SmartThings (Samsung Connect) mobile app with a nice UI.

Of course, Edge Drivers follow all that much later and I guess it makes sense to assume Edge components would get translated backwards for use in Groovy, but I can also see how we’re coming to an end with Groovy and perhaps that translation layer needed to be updated for Edge devices and wasn’t. :person_shrugging:

Either way, MCD devices seem to work fine in the testing I’ve done with our next-gen integration in my local development instance. I ordered a few more devices which I believe have MCD Edge Drivers available and will test with those as well. :smiley:

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Selecting right switch is entertaining now.
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Muchas gracias @Mariano_Colmenarejo !!

Sharptools’ new integration shows the individual switches of multi component devices. See below.



Thanks for sharing, Paul. That particular link is to a beta thread, so most people won’t be able to see it, but I’m copying the content here (as it’s available for new SharpTools users using the next-gen connection):