KOF stopped working. I know nothing about new system (EDGE?). Help!

My KOF stopped working. It just shows as “offline” in ST app. I was going to try deleting code and re-inserting it like I’ve done in the past, but couldn’t find site. After looking at forums, I understand Groovy is gone and now there is something called EDGE. I know nothing about it. Can someone walk me thru how to get KOF to work again, keeping in mind I know nothing about this new system? Thanks! CheleCity@gmail.com

Those should help you get started with Edge and update to the Edge driver for your KOF. If you have questions - just ask - community members will gladly offer assistance.


What is KOF, i found a few examples but im not sure any apply, especially the urban dictionary meaning :thinking:

KOF = King of Fans


KOF is a brand name (King of Fans) for a line of ceiling fans sold at Home Depot in the United States, mostly under the Hampton Bay name. It includes a model which was a popular Zigbee fan controller for a while.

[ST Edge] Hampton Bay / King of Fans Zigbee Fan Controller

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Thank you chaps thats why my search turned up odd results, KOF is stateside only

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