[ST Edge] Driver for GE/Jasco/Honeywell Z-Wave Switches, Dimmers, Fans, Outlets, and Plug-Ins

@coelhorj Please post in the thread linked above, which focuses on that issue.

First, super good job on the driver. I have started moving my Z-Wave GE switches over to your driver and it finally unlocks all the capabilities that I used to have prior to the platform updates and such. It’s great. I am super pleased with the fan controls (now not a dimmer!!) and the motion controls.

If you are still looking for GE Z-Wave switches, outlets, etc., I have some GE plug-in Z-Wave switches/outlets that I mostly use at the holidays for controlling our trees/lights/etc.

GE Plug-in Smart Switch 12719/ZW4101: 0063-5250-3030
GE Plug-in Smart Switch 45653/ZW4102: 0063-5052-3031
GE Plug-In Outdoor Smart Switch 12720/ZW4201: 0063-5250-3130

I have a couple others that are newer… I will see about digging them up.

Thanks again! You’re awesome!

Hi, awesome job on the drivers.

I was wondering if there is a driver for the GE Portable Smart Motion Sensor 34193?

Thanks for the help.

Is there an edge driver for GE Portable Smart Motion Sensor 34193?

It’s not in this driver. I think the fingerprint is included in the stock ST zwave-sensor driver, but they haven’t included configuration settings for it.

Are there any plans to move all of these configuration settings to the stock Edge drivers?

I know this is a super-late reply, but I found a way to change the name field. If you go back into the old Groovy IDE, you can edit the device and change the name field manually. No need to exclude/include.

Not ideal, and can be tedious if you have a lot to modify (like my several dozens of GE switches that got migrated and were stuck with “GE Wall Switch”). But at least it is a way to change it.

The only downside to doing that is that you have to know the device ID (required field) which is no longer shown in the IDE once you’ve converted the device to the edge driver. I found it by using the CLI to look at the particular device.

I started changing the drivers on my switches to Edge drivers this week, but have been having an issue with the Honeywell branded switches. The only driver available is the 2022-06-04T15:39:11.22702488, which doesn’t have the same functionality as the 2022-02-15T00:28:52.970386 that I’ve got running on the GE/Jasco branded switches. I can tell the Honeywell switches have been updated by the “placeholder” designation in the ST IDE, but when I go to switch the driver in the app I either get no options or just a generic z-wave switch. Anyone have any ideas?

Also, thank you very much @philh30 for creating these.

2022-02-15T00:28:52.970386 is the current timestamp on the driver for GE/Jasco motion switches. I’ve never seen any Honeywell motion switches, but if you have them then I can add if you provide model number and fingerprint.

2022-06-04T15:39:11.22702488 is the current timestamp on the driver for all other GE/Jasco/Honeywell/Ultrapro switches. You should get functionality that matches the capabilities of your switch with all of the config parameters in settings. What is it that’s missing for your devices? What’s the model number?

I noticed curious change in behavior, not sure if it’s the new HW/FW or effect of the driver. I used to be able to register double-tap on other switches without them changing their own state: e.g., I can still double-tap up on GE/Jasco 46562 without it actually switching on if it was in off position. The new GE/Jasco 46201 doesn’t let me do that - it responds to the click immediately. So, if the switch was off it’s impossible to do double-tap up without turning the local load on. I suspect it’s the FW change since it makes the response so much faster. Any thoughts?

Hi all. I’m looking for an Edge driver for the Devolo Z Wave Metering Plug UK Version.
I’ve been playing around with various Edge drivers and I found one that works for the Metering, and another that works for the Switch. But not both. And suggestions on how to get one working ?

Thanks in advance

manufacturerId: 0x0175
productType: 0x1001
productId: 0x0001

I was wrong - all functionality seems to be there, hub needed a reboot. Also, I just noticed an Aug 6 timestamp for the non-motion, so thanks for that!

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Could I load these into my hub now, while leaving the groove DTH in place? So that on 9/30 ST will migrate to these edge drivers while maintaining my groovy DTH settings?


Which groovy settings do you mean? All of your automations should stay in place when the device migrates, so you’ll be fine there. However, the device’s configuration (like LED indicator behavior, min/max dimming level, association groups) will be restored to default when it gets assigned to this driver. If you’ve changed any of those away from factory default, you should document how they’re set up prior to the migration.

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I’ve added some new Jasco Z-Wave Plus on/off switches and the drivers give the option for association groups 2 and 3, neither seem to work. In fact I’m having issues on most of my devices that I migrated to the hub from DTH to Edge Drivers working with association groups. Anyone else having these issues? Anything I have using the old device handlers works great, anything newly added or re-added to use edge drivers are completely broken with association groups. This was a very big part of my Z-Wave setup.

Association doesn’t work across different security levels. You won’t have any luck if you’re trying to do association commands between Z-Wave Plus and older non-plus devices.

Thanks Philh30, I’m aware that but I have identical switches with security levels that simply don’t work. Brand new UltraPro (jasco) Z-Wave Plus on/off switches with S2 that won’t work. My older non-plus style do still work, it seems any z-wave plus won’t work with each other.

Update, actually association groups are broken even for older non-plus devices. It seems a lingering device handler was allowing them to work.

I just set up association between two devices to test. It works.

  • There could still be security issues between S2 devices. For example, if one failed to join with S2 and the other succeeded.
  • If you excluded/included devices to get them on Edge then the devices were effectively factory reset, which should’ve cleared association.
  • If you excluded/included then the devices have new node IDs.

If you have the CLI, you can check the security level and current node ID of each device with the smartthings devices command.

The two devices I’m trying to associate say Network Security Level ZWAVE_S2_AUTHENTICATED.

I see them in the fingerprints.yml file, I’ve excluded and included them a couple times now with it not changing the fact that association groups do not work. Both are ZW4008 (one is honeywell one is ultrapro). I’m at a loss at this point, association groups worked great when device handlers were in place. I had a failed older model switch that I replaced and paired it with an S2/Plus model knowing they require the same security state to work.

I am noticing that smartthings doesn’t show a device network ID and it won’t allow me to assign them to my hub although they do work fine in the app. I’ve been adding network Ids to them (in hex of course) but the CLI Network Id is different. I aligned them as a test but no luck. I’ve even swapped to the new Aeotec hub from my OG Samsung one.