[ST Edge] Can a single driver package support both Z-Wave and LAN devices?

Can a single driver package support both Z-Wave and LAN devices?

I’ve seen others have managed to make “hybrid” drivers. For example:

It could be possible but not simple, and as we’re still in the beta phase, this kind of scenario could have some issues.
It also depends on what you’re trying to achieve because there could be other simpler options.

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I’m trying to get all my devices in a single driver package so that they can be intimately aware of their companions. With 2 Z-Wave devices, one device can control another via association groups. Even then, with ST you have to manually extract the network ID of the target and paste somewhere else. I want to be able to pick human-readable names from a list. Going further, suppose you want to control a LAN Sonoff device from a Z-Wave motion detector. The normal solution would be to create an automation rule. If the Z-Wave device driver (package) has internal knowledge of the LAN Sonoff device, no external automation rule is required. The pairing and other relevant parameters could be manipulated in the device view.

In our home, I have devices that work together in functional groups. My goal is to run as much local as possible. I currently have to add virtual devices for state variables along with a bunch of automation rules. I could write an external ‘SmartApp’, but that’s redundant hardware and another level of configuration.

Since the Edge driver code is replicated on each hub, there’s zero space penalty for deviating from a standard published driver package. True, I won’t get automatic updates, but that might be a good thing. I’m actually saving space and improving efficiency by supporting only the few devices I actually use. Even after adding code for enhanced device integration, I’ll still come out ahead.