[ST Edge/Beta] Xiaomi/Aqara/Tuya zigbee sensors driver

Hi @ygerlovin,

Is there a driver for this one?

Smart Life Zigbee Human Presence Detector Tuya Wifi Mmwave Radar Pir Montion Sensor With Luminance Detection For Alexa, Google - Smart Human Body Sensors - AliExpress

I got mine yesterday from the same seller.
It works with this driver:

Thanks, please can you answer these for me?

  1. Are there any import duties that you had to pay? I live in the UK
  2. Did you pair this with smartthings
  3. Does it work accurately and quickly
  4. How quickly will it detect and what is the detection angle

I got it free of extra duties here in Slovenia.
I got it paired. See screenshots.
I haven’t got time to play with settings but the short β€œcool off” setting works fine for me :slight_smile: Less than a minute vs ordinary PIR zigbee sensors that have 3min cool off.


Has anyone been able to keep the Aqara motion and illuminance sensor (RTCGQ11LM) to stay connected to the ST v2 hub longer than one day?

I have the same issue. Devices only stay online for about an hour. Only way to wake them is to press the button on the side of the device. Same edge driver too.

Anyone know why this is?

Can someone confirm if the Tuya Zigbee Plant Soil Sensor works with Smartthings?

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I too am still having trouble with temp sensors WSDCGQ01LM. I have read this entire thread (or at least tried to), and notice that this temp/humidity sensor keeps coming up.
The replies do indicate that it was added to the drivers. BUT … I still cannot get mine to work . Mine report as a Zigbee Thing as:

Manufacturer: LUMI
Model: RS-THP-MP-1.0
FingerPrinted_EndPoint.Id: 0x01
App Version: 0x0A
ZCL Version: 0x01
Network ID: 0x3608
Zigbee EUI: 00158D000248E51B
Device ID: ad014aca-470d-4011-b3de-318715330663
Server Cluster: Ep: 0x01={ 0000,0003,0001,0020 }
Client Clusters: Ep: 0x01={ 0000,0004,0003,0005,0019,0402,0405,0403,0020 }
Signal Metrics: LQI: 251 … RSSI: -64 dbm

Any help would be appreciated.

@veonua , @Mariano_Colmenarejo .
Can you please add this sensor to your drivers ? Same as ordinary XIAOMI (LUMI) temperature sensor.

Also had the same issue… left it for some time and retried… and it worked.
Did you try all the basics. Reboot hub, reset sensor (by long pressing +10 sec), remove battery … etc

Good to see I am not alone, thanks. :slight_smile: Yes, I tried all the obvious stuff: I’ve been working on these sensors since Oct 2022 (when the change over to Edge Drivers began). I had the temp sensors working with the DTH, so I thought I would try out getting them working with a new driver – thinking these would be easy. I deleted the DTH, disconnected all the temp sensors, and have been trying to get them working again ever since. The hub has been rebooted several times (this week most recently), and the sensors have been reset in every way possible.

I have subscribed to drivers from SmartThings (Beta), @veonua , and @Mariano_Colmenarejo. I have even tried to force a new driver using the CLI command β€œsmartthings edge:drivers:switch -I ” but get a BadRequestError with β€œDriver does not have a valid fingerprint match for device ”.

Hi @James_Lawton @PLFosboel

Added to his driver version
Sorry, I didn’t mark it when I saw it and I forgot

 Name         Zigbee Temp Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc 
 Version      2023-03-07T20:06:24.004950584
- id: "LUMI/RS-THP-MP-1.0"
    deviceLabel: Aqara WSDCGQ01LM
    manufacturer: LUMI
    model: RS-THP-MP-1.0
    deviceProfileName: temp-humid-press-battery
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That did it! Thank you very much – for both adding the fingerprint, and verifying I have not lost my mind.

Yes, Aqara FP1 can work with SmartThings. Using @ygerlovin driver.

Is it reliable?
My Aqara devices keep dropping offline or going to sleep

Just added two FP1’s on channel 15, scanned the install code and they appeared a second later.

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I have 2 RTCGQ11LM paired with this driver. Recently they have not been reporting any motion. They are not showing offline or anything but they are clearly not working.
I also have an aqara door sensor on a different driver going offline every day. Anyone any ideas?

Plenty of zigbee devices about to act as a mesh

I have 2 Aqara Presence Detector FP1 RTCZCGQ11LM they both paired and worked for a few days but they now go offline every Β±24 hours after stopping to respond to any activity. If I change one or more of the settings they will sometimes start to respond to activity, but after a few hours they stop responding.

I removed one to see if re-adding it would help, but I can not pair it. Tried: Press and hold the reset button on the device for Β± 5 seconds (until the blue light starts blinking). No blue light flashes. Tried holding the reset button for 10 seconds, nothing. If I unplug it and plug it back in the blue light flashes once.
When connected it has LQI 255 and RSSI -29, I have a strong Zigbee mesh with 43 powered devices.

Any suggestions on how to reset and pair? V2 Hub 47.06

Update, I was able to onboard the FP1, it required that I shut down the app (iOS) before adding, I held down the reset button and then even though the led did not flash initially it did pair and then the led flashed.

Hi @ygerlovin,

I have a lumi.vibration.aq1 DJT11LM vibration sensor. It pairs fine with your driver, but is missing a feature that the previous Groovy DTH contained.

The previous DTH had a capability 'Contact Sensor' functionality along with 2 custom capabilities capability 'circlemusic21301.setClosed' and capability 'circlemusic21301.setOpen'

The setOpen and setClosed were used to set the X,Y,Z coordinates of the threeAxis values to internal state values with names like state.closedx.

On every event that supplied X,Y,Z data, that data would be checked against the previously set values with a fudge factor of Β±10 on each axis to determine whether to set the contact sensor to open or closed.

Effectively, it allows the X,Y,Z values to be used as a contact sensor. This is great for situations where mercury or tilt or reed switch based contact sensors are difficult to implement. I’ve been using it as such for some time.

Is this something that can be implemented in your driver? I would normally just modify it myself, but since you don’t have source code available and the Aqara sensors are rather difficult, I’m not left with many options.