Supporting new E1 Aqara devices


It seems new Aqara devices in the response to Node Descriptor Request, expect manufacturer code to be 0x115F.
As far as I understand, Node Descriptor Request is handled by the hub and is not exposed to Edge drivers or DTH.

So, my question is what can be done in order to support new Aqara devices?


P.S. Please see the following link for details


Hi, @ygerlovin.
I discussed this with the engineering team and they confirmed what you mentioned:

If the information shared in the URL you posted above is accurate, the support for those devices is not currently available due to the joining process difference.
However, the team is now aware of this requirement, thank you for bringing this up.


Thank you, @nayelyz

Would it be possible to share the roadmap for such support, once it is available.


It is a complex situation, the team needs to analyze it further, its feasibility, what does it involve, and other things. It might take some time to get an official answer about supporting this.

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@nayelyz , Sure, it is completely understandable, such changes might introduce regressions and may impact already completed integrations.

I’m only asking to share the decision once it is made.
I guess the most important part is to understand whether ST team consider it as a major issue.

Thank you


I add myself to the request of support MCCGQ14LM


+1 would be cool to be able to integrate the E1 devices


Would it be possible to share the roadmap for such support, once it is available. The aliexpress seller sent all 6 units model: lumi.magnet.acn001

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Hi everyone.

As it is not possible to integrate these devices due to the Node Descriptor Request library, we strongly suggest that you, as users of those devices, reach out to Aqara’s support to encourage an official integration with SmartThings because there isn’t any yet (even for older models).
This way, they can be aware of their customers’ needs integrating their devices to other platforms such as SmartThings.

There May be another long-term option, although I know not all users will be happy with this one.

Aqara has announced that they will provide matter support through some models of their own gateway. After that, some sensors and switches and other devices connected to that Gateway can be exposed to other Matter compliant systems once Matter is fully operational.

Since Samsung has also announced that SmartThings/Aeotec hubs will have one way matter integration (they will be able to bring in other matter compliant devices, but will not expose devices connected to themselves to other matter compliant platforms). Their announcement says “in 2022.”

OK, you put those two together and once both companies have matter support working, it may be possible to attach the new aqara devices to an aqara Matter bridge gateway and then have that gateway expose those devices to a SmartThings account. ( that is dependent on aqara making its gateways a “matter bridge,” which is what allows a two-way integration. But since they already do that the outbound integration for HomeKit, it seems more likely to happen with aqara than with some other brands.)

I know that’s a long way off and I know it’s dependent on a lot of If’s and maybes, but I do think it’s a possible outcome.

And I suspect, although this is just a guess, that that’s part of what is going on with aqara right now. Their devices are not going to be individually certified for matter: the certification is going to be for the gateway. So I think they may have introduced this additional gateway identification requirement in order to meet a matter compliance issue. :thinking:

Anyway, just my own personal guess is that aqara is going to have very little interest in changing the gateway identification requirement at this time, or in creating a unique smartthings integration, since most of their resources will be focused towards getting the matter integration working in both directions.

Again, I know that’s not very satisfying for people who want to buy these devices now and have them work with smartthings now, but I do think there may be a long-term solution based on matter, although it will require using an aqara Matter bridge gateway. :thinking:


@jkp @Automated_House


I’m very interested to see how they handle Matter. There are several caveats though: only the M1S and M2 hub (not the cameras that act as hubs) and only “certain new and existing Aqara child devices”. Long, long term Aqara is coming out with Thread versions of their devices. So you could connect them to a Thread border router (like Nanoleaf) and get SmartThings integration that way.

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I am trying to Google for Node Descriptor Request library, and can see only NodeJS libraries. Is this a reason of the issue?

Did you read where @ygerlovin mentioned:

more information can be found

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It may also be possible that they are only interested in selling and supporting the devices as part of a closed system with their gateways and have decided to shut the doors.

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Hi @nayelyz

Would it be possible to get a complete example (all 16 bytes in hex) for node descriptor response, currently sent by the hub?

I’m trying to simulate Aqara’s gateway by sending Node desc response in the beginning of added callback( which is called right after the device is paired). So far without success.
I realize it is a long shot and by the time the callback is called the device is already paired.
My hope is that once the device sees the expected message it might try to repeat the pairing process.



Aqara has already committed to full two-way support for Matter (SmartThings has only committed to one-way support), so I think that’s their answer to integration with other platforms.

Once matter is available, many devices connected to their own hub can be easily brought into other platforms, including the SmartThings app, via Matter.

So I would be very surprised if they committed any resources to working on a SmartThings-specific integration right now. :thinking:



Wether Aqara committed to Matter support doesn’t really matter (for this particular case) :slight_smile:
Such support most likely means C2C integration and would require Aqara hub.
The goal here is to control Aqara devices locally using a single ST hub, which way more expensive than Aqara and Tuya hubs combined


It would require the aqara hub, as I mentioned.

But it shouldn’t mean cloud to cloud integration if smartthings does its side of matter support correctly, which it looks like it does, because it’s already partially coded into edge.

Matter is intended to be “local first,” with a high priority on local communication and processing.

Aqara hubs already operate locally in HomeKit setups, so I feel confident that they will have this done. But it does depend on what smartthings does on its side.

Just as an example, right now the same Meross WiFi smart plug will show up simultaneously in both smartthings and HomeKit.

The HomeKit integration is local, and will continue to work fine if the Internet goes out as long as the local Wi-Fi is still working. (The HomeKit app does not require Internet.)

The smartthings integration is cloud to cloud, so if the Internet goes out or the smartthings cloud is unavailable or the Meross cloud is unavailable, you don’t have control. But then, if the Internet goes out or the SmartThings cloud is unavailable, the smartthings app doesn’t work either. :disappointed_relieved:

So…yes, local operation would require a $60 aqara hub to get Matter integration. But as long as smartthings does its side in the preferred manner, The integration will be local, not cloud based. :sun_with_face:

I’m not saying that will be the solution for everyone. But there will likely be a significant number of smartthings customers who will be happy to use the inexpensive good quality aqara devices in SmartThings via Matter and an aqara hub. Spread the $60 across 10 aqara sensors and the total cost will still be a lot less than many competing brands. Choice is good. :sunglasses:

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Hi! :smiley:
Sorry for the delay, I asked the team but I haven’t received any feedback yet. I’ll keep you updated.


Ive had several Aqara devices. Never had any luck with them, even with custom DTH and ST support told me they were not supported.
Only today have i seen this

Some Aqara devices are officially supported. Does this mean with edge drivers?

Would the E1 blind motor be supported. Its says curtain controller but im after something to move my blinds as it seems are no longer supporting anything

@nayelyz is this official integration going to expand?
Im aware some users have made edge drivers for buttons and switches but ive not seen anything for window treatment.

Be great to bring the Aqara lineup on board

Model number for the E1 blind is ‎AM023GLW01
If anyone knows if this works with edge please let me know

Thank you

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