[ST Edge] Automation for dimmer and color temperature

For Zigbee remote, I’d like to provide a mode in which any press of the button will change the state of Level by some predefined value.

In that mode I replace a button capability with a switchLevel capability and am able to control it from the remote. However, I couldn’t find any way to mirror the switchLevel value from my remote to the actual dimmer device.
Is there any way to control dimmer with automation?

Hello Yakov, there is an architectural flaw in the dimmer implementation. The remote should not implement level capability.

It should be lights capability to allow step changes. Actually @Mariano_Colmenarejo already added this capability to his driver

I believe this must be included in the default level capability

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Mirroring level can currently be done through rules:

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I still doubt there are many users of the RulesApi. I have tried to figure out how to implement basic things and it takes too much time and effort.