Edge Rules

Is it possible to create rules using Lua?

I was looking for a local dimmer rule,
push + increases brightness
push - increases

but it seems it’s not possible using automations.

Here you go:
FAQ: Getting Started with the new Rules API - Developer Programs / Rules API - SmartThings Community

unlikely, it’s neither local nor even programming language.

It’s possible.
@Mariano_Colmenarejo has created Edge drivers for Zigbee Lights (CCT, RGB, RGBW, RGBCCT) that has increse and decrease of Light Level, and Temperature Level

Here is device details page from one of the bulbs

And here is one of the automations for remote, that’s using increase of Light Level

This is teh direction Samsung is giving for this category - the rules api is the method in which complex rules are given to the hub - they are then loaded into the cloud and run locally IF your devices support it. LUA comes in in building out your locally connected devices through an edge driver.

Simple automations = automation buillder
Complex automation (calculate and react - like your dimmer use case) = Rules API
More complex automation = build a smart app

This is the Hue Dimmer Switch, eith assigned push and hold actions, that turns on//off, decrease and increases light level, and Temperature Level, and some preset scenes

Finally those remotes can be put to good use.

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is it Level by External Step? Is it a custom action or how does it work?

Yes, it’s Level by external step. I think that he did shared how was done. If I remember correctly, he created custom capabilities.
If you have any of the zigbee lights (bulbs, led controllers) listed in his post, you can try and see how it works.
Nice thing, is that you can setup preferences for each device separately.

Its custom capabilities and actions in the Zigbee bulb driver he made. A very clever work around. Its not the same as z-wave association or zigbee light light link where you can hold the button and let go when it reaches desired brightness, but better than what we had before.

why didn’t the ST team come up with any of these ?((

it’s not possible to connect dimmer and light without a hack