ST does not discover Aeotec Micro Smart Dimmer 2nd edition

I just installed Aeotec Micro Smart Dimmer 2nd edition in wall with 3 wires (Load, Live, Neutral). The physical on/off switch operates on/off, so does the tiny on/off button on the smart dimmer. The red LED is blinking as well.

When I try to find new Thing via my phone app, the dimmer does not come up. I have tried resetting etc. This is the primary problem.

Second problem. This dimmer controls 5 LED Smart Bulbs and 1 LED non-smart Bulb. The Smart bulbs turn on and off with the wall switch. But the non-smart bulb, gets stuck at low brightness and does not fully turn off.

Any of your assistance is very much appreciated. This is getting to a frustrating level and I am sure the answer is quite simple!

Just curious, I just installed two of these and a label on them said incandescent only. Plus I used touch plate switches, which install a little differently then traditional switches.

I was able to discover fine and do agree with normal LED vs led. Smart LED bulbs were making a whirring noise but switching to non-smart LED fixed it. On the flip side, if you can control all of your bulbs via this micro controller, why have LED Smart Bulbs.

Which Device Handler did you use for your Micro Dimmer? I’m using the Nano dimmers but its just not quite right!!

Z-wave metering dimmer

I do not get metering readings, but dimming works and dimming works via Alexa.

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