ST-compatible RGBW LED Strip Controller Reviews (2023)

I’m confused if I used this setup. What kind of features will I get. I mean like turn on/off/dim/change colors/multi-light

Are there any “dumb” strip with a microphone like the sonoff smart strip? If yes, will this work through the controller?

Sorry if my questions are stupid but I’m kinda a beginner in the area xD

The first rule of home automation applies: “the model number matters.“ Different devices have different features.

That said, I don’t know of any dumb LED strips that have a microphone for music synching, that’s typically a feature of a smart strip.

Do you have any option in mind that can go u to 14 meters?

I’ve used Fibaro and RGBW for years with no problem. What’s your issue?

Fantastic post - anyone used the newer version of fibaro with new ST app? Also, @JDRoberts any controllers that work with 5V led? All the controllers list 12-24V?

I believe the H801 can use 5v. You will likely need to use custom firmware on these to work with SmartThings.

This is the firmware I am using:

I believe you could use Tasmota as well, but I have no experience with it.

This “GLEDOPTO LED Strip Lights Zigbee RGB+CCT 2m IP65 Mini USB 5V Controller”, and it runs locally.

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Not much more traction after this unit was mentioned but I have several of the ZEN31 units and love them. In the process of switching all of my LED controllers over to these as needed.

Mine are paired with some variations of these strips. They offer different voltage, cool/warm white, black PCB as well as IP rating. →

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I’m having voltage drop issues with those strips at anything above ~55%. I’m trying to use the white channel and then add in some blue to make the light cooler during the day.

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This might be why I haven’t seen that issue. I dont mix colors with the white CH so its one or the other for me. All of mine are warm white spec’ed so if I need cool white I use the RGB side of things for that.

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Does anyone have any good recommendation for light strips to go with any of these controllers. I have an application where I will need about 80ft of lights so I will need multiple controllers and strips. The issue I have had in the past is that other than hue (80ft * hue = $$$$$$) is that the actual light strip leds aren’t exactly the same color from set to set.

I’ve read this thread and I didn’t see what I wanted.
I saw a piston somewhere in the community here that lit up led strips based on holidays.
I want to do something like that. So I’m looking for Outdoor LED strips.
I don’t know how to do this, but I’m assuming I need

Outdoor LED strips with wires not plug.
A power supply 12V 24V.
An outdoor controller.
An AC plug for power supply.

Connect wires from LED strip to Z-Wave controller
Connect controller to 12V 24V power supply
Connect power supply to AC plug
Include Z-Wave controller to ST (DH needed?)

Thinking I will have control of the lights the and try writing a piston?
Do I have this correct?
Any product ideas for me?
I looked at all the products in thread didn’t see anything for Outdoors

Sounds like you have the larger parts of this project figured out. I am also building an outdoor setup in the near future and have done a bit of work already. Biggest thing is to get a waterproof housing to which you can get AC power. In that housing you would want to place the controller and possibly the power supply for it as well. Housing can be as simple as a plastic contractor enclosure from home depot or similar.

Inside of that housing out of the controller I want to go to water proof connectors that I can silicone shut in the housings opening. This way the housing is still water tight but I have connections on the outside. Something like these -->

From there I want to protect the LED strip and they make alumnium channels but my project is circular so rigid pieces wont work. Instead I think these would be great -->

And that should be it. Curious how this would hold up in my Florida environment but we’ll find out.

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How does this page look?

Just a little info from my end (although it may already be covered above), I also bought the GLEDOPTO ZIGBEE DC12/24V Smart Dimmer Strip Controller it shows a ZZL Dimmer Bulb in IDE and has local processing and seems to work pretty good :slight_smile:

I use it with these dumb LED Stips: Onforu Warm White LED Strip Lights 10M, Dimmable 3000K Light Strips, 600 2835 LEDs Tape They say Warm white, but they are something between warm and white and they are very bright :high_brightness:, but the brightness issue can be resolved with the above dimmer controller, also if you cut the strip and connect the other strips some where else, you can use the 1x dimmer switch that comes in the box to set it to a pre-determined dimness and then plug it into a smart plug.

I threw the screws + clips that came with this in the bin, cleaned the surface with widow cleaner to get the grease off and stuck the strips on with their own peel back sticker that runs along the entire length. Its been a week, so far so good, but I think summer will be ultimate test when it heats up, but to pre-empt it falling off, I have used some narrow stips of electric tape every 10cms to provide some additional support. In another place I put tiny bits of Black Double Sided Foam Tape - 10m x 12mm (1/2") every 10cms which I think is a more solid solution, but very messy and painful when you have to remove them all - as I had to do yesterday :sob:

Tomorrow I am going to Lidl to buy their Silvercrest Smart Plug and see if they are any good as I cut and stuck the led strips all round my house, but could not buy Smart Plugs from Ikea due to lock down. These Lidl plugs aesthetically look a lot nicer, are not that tall, have an on\off button and £2 cheaper, so if they work, its a win win!!!, plus my Ikea order has been sitting in preparing your order status since the past 2 weeks.

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I use the first version of the Fibaro controler, although integration is poor with ST, @cobra wrote some excellent smart apps that still today work with the controler , so I still have some great and varied options for colour changes and special affects, forever grateful to @cobra for them

As for strips, I purchased RGBW strips and mounted them externally in aluminium trunking with opaque covers designed for rgbw strips, the whole lot is powered by a 240v to 12v light transformer , apart from some parts of my rgbw strips diodes giving up the ghost things have been pretty rock solid

Use cases
Halloween - storm, fireplace, orange settings
Xmas - rotate green,blue,red,white with fully controllable timings
Delivery - we are off the road so if I see a delivery driver trying to find us i use the Police option to light up the front which is hard to miss in the dark
Visitors - bright white
Movement after set time at night- flash police colours for configurable duration and return to set colour
On and on tbh

I do want to add more strips but its one of them jobs I have yet to find time for… one day

Also going to say, I hate those damn 5 point plastic rgbw connectors… ahhhhh, you attach the strip carefully, shut the lid… nothing !!! WORK YOU STUPID THING !!

This is the sort of track I use but there are many variations

@cobra, was the Jedi master for the fibaro integration, aluminium track and strips, sadly now a Jedi master with hubitat, thought it only right he takes all credit

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I have been reading a little at a time for months on this subject and i appreciate this post. Based on this post i have purchased a Philips Hue bridge and Gledopto Pro 3.0 controllers. I am using 12v RGBWW strips. I am missing one last part. The power supply drivers. I have outdoor protected installations with outlets to plug into as well as indoor (in wall direct wire and outlet plug ins). I believe i have narrowed it down to the size of the drivers i can’t seem to find the best drivers to use. can anyone help or if this is not appropriate for this posting a hint to the correct one would be awesome.

12v 6amp with outlet plug and either direct wire or 5.5 x 2.5 plug. this is connecting to gledopto pro 3.0 led strip controller. i want the driver to be dimmable for wall controlled dimming.

12v 3amp with outlet plug and either direct wire or 5.5 x 2.5 plug. this is connecting to gledopto pro 3.0 led strip controller. i want the driver to be dimmable for wall controlled dimming.

12v 3amp with direct wire ability form the 110 side and either direct wire or 5.5 x 2.5 plug. this is connecting to gledopto pro 3.0 led strip controller. i want the driver to be dimmable for wall controlled dimming.

Thank you very much for any help you can give me.

Another option. Individually Addressable RGBTW Smart Lightstrip Kit


Has anyone had success integrating the Govee RGB LED Strip Lights with SmartThings? They work well with the Govee App and are advertised to work with Alexa And Google Assistant.
I am looking for blue LED strip lights that I can turn On/Off and control the brightness using SmartThings + ActionTiles.


I bought two RGBW decking light sets from Amazon:

And also bought two WiFi controllers:

They are very unreliable, sometimes they work fine, but regularly either completely lose connection or become very slow and unresponsive. Support from the seller hasn’t yielded anything useful (restart router, change WiFi channel, ensure 2.4GHz, use DHCP reservation, repair lights, etc) and at this point I am happy to cut my losses and try a different controller - I am thinking not WiFi and instead ZigBee/ZWave.

It isn’t clear to me whether the products in this thread are suitable for me? What I have aren’t LED strip lights, they are a series of decking LED bulbs, but I believe the controller maybe the same either way? Essentially, I am considering buying a ZigBee or ZWave controller (I have a SmartThings V3 hub), and wiring it up where my current (non working) controllers are. I have a couple of extension cables for the lights which I can cut in half in order to be able to wire them in (all my stuff is using round 5 pin waterproof connectors, so if I cut the extension, the wired end can go into a new controller and the connector on the end can connect to the power and lights).

I have IP67 waterproof boxes with the WiFi controllers in, so I don’t need to buy anything specifically waterproof.

If anyone can suggest my best option (I am in the UK) I would be grateful. I am looking for rock solid reliability, and ideally the ability to have the lights cycling between colours and being able to change with the beat of music (along with usual manual and voice on, off, colour and brightness ability).

Thank you for your help.