Unijem integration? (smart battery for smoke alarms)

I’ve bought a smart wifi battery made by Unijem, that you swap out for the 9v battery in a smoke/fire/etc alarm. It’s got a simple but robust app that comes with it.
When the alarm goes off, it sends a notification to your phone via the Unijem app.

I’m a renter on a serious budget, and at a tenner a pop this battery looked like a bargain - being as I had an idea that I could use it to trigger other events when there’s a fire…like turning the lights red, setting a siren off, and notifying the phones of everyone here, etc.
Let’s face it, this thing could save a lot of lives if it could be used as a smart trigger.

Trouble is, at present there seems to be no integration with any other platform/app/assistant.
I’m going to have a look at IFTTT regards using the Unijem notification as a trigger, but it looks like that might be the only option at present.

Anyhows, I’d like to ask if anyone can either look at developing some kind of integration between this battery and Smartthings, or can give me an idea of where to start to get it slotted in myself.
Please keep in mind that I feel like a complete noob, and that my priorities are safety and saving money on bills.
Any ideas appreciated.

Here’s what I got to work with here:

  • v2 ST hub with starter pack (bargain 2nd hand)
  • RM4 Pro controller ‘hub’ (On advice of Hibbert. Oooo, the zigbee.
  • v2 Hue hub (inherited and revived from the dead)
  • Wiser heating system (bargain - bought the barebones on black friday last year and have been adding room thermostats, etc, since)
  • Magic Home Pro wifi RGBW controller, and a handful of wifi lights
  • Android phone, and a google assistant I’ve taught to swear
  • A cheap creaking router/modem that seriously needs upgrading before it rolls over altogether


  • kids that turn lights off and shut the front door, and that don’t prefer to bask in 25 degrees
  • for Wiser and Broadlink to integrate with ST - what’s that about?
  • for Broadlink to not have that stupid and frustrating region system they insist on using
  • more motion sensors
  • For Magic Home and Magic Home-Smart Home to sort it out and use different names - trying to google them is a complete pain
  • a smart google speaker and some micros dotted around
  • to get my head around Smartthings IDE
  • for people to stop telling me to use Home Assistant like as if even thinking about reprogramming devices doesn’t give most people a nosebleed