ST App "Find" Feature doesn't Show Wife's Phone Location on Map

For about a week the “Find” feature on the ST android app on my Galaxy S10 has not shown the correct location on wife’s phone. Her location settings are unchanged as are app settings. Her phone as a presence sensor is working properly as we have routines that work of her and my presence and they are working properly. It is just the Find feature which has stopped on my S10. Her Find feature on her S10 shows my location correctly. On the Find feature screen on my phone ST app there is a button “Search Nearby” and it doesn’t find her phone even if she is right next to me. Does anyone have any idea on how to fix this feature? It worked fine until Nov 3. Thanks

Hi there, check if the regions of your Samsung account and your wife’s match. Also check the region of smartthings

I checked and nothing has changed. I think it is something with the app as my wife’s phone now shows an incorrect location of my phone when using the Find feature. Everything worked fine on both phones until recently and I guess Samsung fixed something that wasn’t broken in the app.