Samsung find questions

Trying to find something or some way to automate STHM on off automation is somewhat fragmented for everyone
I have tried Galaxy Bixby routines using keywords but notifications on locations has been unreliable
So i have been looking at Samsung find in the life section and location sharing
Is FIND for galaxy devices only ? The wifes Iphone ST app does not have the FIND option in the life section
If i try to set an automation to switch on STHM when all away the options presented are confusing and to me illogical

Anyone got any ideas on whats useable on Galaxy and Iphone for location is find of any use at all, the Iphone has access to location on all the time in its ST iphone settings and within the ST app

Once upon a time Samsung had ‘Find My Mobile’, which was their version of Google’s ‘Find My Device’. It could be enabled on Galaxy phones and tablets and you could use your Samsung account on to locate and control your device. You could also have ‘guardian’ access to other users’ devices. It was all easy to understand.

Then SmartThings Find appeared in the SmartThings app on Galaxy phones. It was sort of the missing app for Find My Mobile, but at the same time not quite. Guardian mode wasn’t available for one thing and you could only see devices of other members of your SmartThings Location, though this was via Find My Mobile. It had begun to get confusing.

I have never had Galaxy Buds so I am not sure how they plugged it, but it got right complicated when the SmartTags came along. They are implemented as a type of SmartThings device but only on Galaxy phones and they could be located in SmartThings Find but not Find My Mobile. Despite appearing in the SmartThings API next to none of the capabilities and attributes, of which there are many, are populated for end users and the odd one or two that do have a value don’t seem to be usable.

Guardian mode vanished from Find My Mobile a few months ago but it then became possible to see the location of SmartTags. So it appeared that Find My Mobile and SmartThings Find were merging, and indeed next month becomes From my viewpoint it seems less like a merger and more like a collision that has left them tangled up.

It is actually possible for third parties to create devices to work with SmartThings Find, though I’m not aware of any. So effectively SmartThings Find is currently Galaxy only territory and is following in the SmartThings tradition of there being things that are just unexplained. It also might just as well be completely separate for all the integration there is.

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When it comes to presence detection, I do feel that having a mobile device determining when it is near a fixed location, though helpful, is rather the tail wagging the dog. I’d much rather a fixed piece of kit detected the mobile device.

I am wondering if the new hub thingy is going to take us anywhere useful. Given it will be capable of detecting SmartTags in the same way a phone can, will it be able to take the obvious leap of converting that into presence for that tag? Or will that fall foul of privacy requirements?

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A good idea Graham, that would be much better

My needs for STHM are simple, detect when not home / detect home

The automation set up for this using phones connected by shared account allow for both devices to be selected but then its confusing

All devices and tablets away/home
Any phone tablet away/home

The inclusion of tablets has me thinking why they are included and are they included in the prescence, if so that will stop all away as some devices never leave home

The ‘All’ and the ‘Any’ applies only to the devices that have been selected in the ‘Who?’ section of Member Location, and if you never want to use a tablet for presence you don’t have to enable location access and sharing for the SmartThings app on the tablet and it won’t even appear in the ‘Who?’ list.

I am going to give the location sharing a go … even though there is no actual device in the App to monitor location home away il give it a shot

Abject fail, my Galaxy showed away, wifes Iphone … nada

Back to the drawing board

Not sure if i’ve misread and so this might be useless info…
I found using the routines engine built into my Samsung phone (Bixby Routnes…or just Routines?) works well at detecting my Wifi network and triggering a virtual switch (which then triggers other desired actions)…i’ve used this to start “Arriving home” actions as i found the GPS location actions too unreliable. The virtual switch is also available to Google Home/Assistant for reach outside of SmartThings.

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Agreed, Bixby does offer a few options but for the 2 other devices which are Iphones, they are pretty terrible at location