ST App and API not merging

Hi noob here,

Not sure if I am using the correct lingo. My smart things app is not showing a device I just programmed into it via the api developer. I have never used the api or logged into it until this point. When logging into the api site I cannot see my hub it says “You don’t have any hubs yet”. I have logged out and logged back into the hub. I have gone to locations and still nothing. I have logged in and out of the smart app as well. I already have multiple smartthings connected to the hub via the app. But some I need to program into the account via the api site.

A side note, I had logged in using my Samsung account, not smartthings when logging into the api site. I had to change my account email that I use for my app to be the same one for my Samsung account. I still have no luck. Can someone help me?

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Thanks for trying, but That did not seem to work. Any other ideas?

The smartthings email account is a different account on the developer.smartthings website than the Samsung email account on that same developers.smartthings website. Even if the email addresses are the same. So depending on which account you login to developer.smartthings will determine which locations and hubs you have access to. On the app, you can choose im new to smartthings when logging in to choose samsung account dedicated locations and hubs, conversely, you can login to smartthings dedicated locations with a smartthings login by choosing I’m a smartthings user when logging into the app. Even if your smartthings and Samsung account have the same email address but different data like locations and hubs. Unless you don’t have two accounts (one samsung AND one smartthings with the same email) in which case both the dev website and the smartthings app will choose the only account you have when you login. It’s a PITA. You can’t delete the HOME location from either account, because it’s the default, even with no hubs.

Sometimes clearing your browser cache can allow you choose a different account when logging in again.

The chard issue that was mentioned is very similar, and literally everybody had problems last year with your very similar issue.