ST and Halloween 2015 (Fun thread)

So, guys what are you planning to do in ST land with Halloween approaching? I have tons of ideas. What’s yours? I will start as soon as I am back on feet (malfunctioning right now). Please keep it lighthearted with no criticism and negative vibes. :wink:

May be @ben and @april can come up with some way for community to share?

Sorry to start with a question/comment, haven’t figured out what I’m doing myself yet. I was hoping to check into some colored LED RGB color changing strip lighting that was suitable for outdoors. I was thinking of permanently mounting it partially protected, with the ability to change the color for the seasons. Orange/White/Red for Halloween, Brown for Thanksgiving (kidding), Green for St. Pattys, and Red/Green/White for Christmas.

For Halloween, I’d have to think some hijinks with a motion detector, light bulb, and a cheap speaker setup (what exists? I’m not putting a Sonos outside) would be VERY flexible for scaring. Following this thread with interest…

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Don’t have it all laid out, but I am thinking of " keeping it simple" moving a few PIR sensors and just having them trigger different lights or displays in the yard. I am already " that house" that all the neighbors either love or ( mostly) hate because of my holiday displays. A lot of my stuff already has proximity detectors in them anyways, but adding the PIRs and GE Outdoor modules should add a little more flare/scare factor

Last years.


I just put a Philips hue outside in a Kuna light. I know when the kuna light is on… And going to set up a routine or smart lighting based on that to change it to different colors (or a custom app). Tonight I just want to check thru third party hue app, if I can get flowing colors on the hue plugged into a kuna. And we’ll, it is well protected from weather… :wink:

Last year I scared the crap of the mini kids :wink: with hues (third party hue app with scary sounds) playing on Bose… I was very new to ST and wasn’t that automated… This year I am all set… I had 40-50 kids dropping in and was petrified being a first time home owner/first year in a real neighborhood…:. OnSwitch was the app I used and I am no way connected to them but they come up with Halloween scenes with music.

That right there is why I want to know if the Osram Lightify Zigbee LED string light controller will work with other lights strings or only their own 24" strips. Sheltering the controller is easy . In addition to the lights along the ramp and railing in the video above I added RGBW strip lights to the railings between Halloween and Christmas last year.

Does the Osram connect to ST?

AFAIK , it is standard Zigbee . I have seen threads about the bulbs and the garden spots working, so see no reason why the strips shouldn’t work.
I just checked the app and under add new things/lights/Osram it lists the LED strips . So I would definitely take that as a yes they work with ST

@bridaus @RLDreams

Not sure but does this connect? Looks like for outdoor. Never used any of their product. Main question is how will you scare the little monsters? :wink:

Yes, if you open your app, click on connect new device/ light bulbs / Osram , you will see those lights listed

Are those bulbs rated for outdoor use? If so, my credit card company is about to owe you a beer.

Hope all is well and you’re back up to no good soon! =)

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Not sure, man but it is well sheltered from weather and had used GE links there forever…

Phillips hue is or not rated for outside use as far as I know the only individual ones that are are the GE links, and then only certain models. There are garden strips that are rated for outdoors from a couple of brands.

The Osram Lightify garden spot is a strip of tiny decorative lights rated for outdoor use, and also on the official “works with smart things” compatibility list. 9 lights on a 14 foot strip for $61 as of this writing.

There’s a GE plug rated for outdoor use that typically runs around $45. Also on the compatibility list. You put it in your existing outlet and then you can plug something else into it. Reports are that it works well. A lot of people use it for outdoor decorations.

@JDRoberts they are totally protected from rain, snow or bad weather conditions and have always used a regular Led or GE links. Are they still a risk? It is not at all exposed to direct weather. Before that when the previous owners were there they used regular incandescent bulbs on the same fixture. Of course the kuna is a new addition.

Front Patio covered;

Back Porch:
This one below is a 100% covered porch.

Lots of people use lightbulbs on sheltered porches that are not rated for outdoors, networked or not. It’s a personal decision. It won’t be covered by the warranty. It’s not likely to burn your house down if that’s what you’re asking.

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That’s what exactly I was asking! Hope the house does not burn down. We struggled 18 yrs to get a sixties house in Jersey! :slight_smile:

Well it ended up being last minute thrown together but here is what I did. Used the Sonos notify (with VLC and a $10 bluetooth speaker) and the flasher (modified). Anyway everyone seemed to love it last night so i would say it was a success:


Can you share the MP3 or wav file you used?

I’m reviving this thread…

I’m gearing up now and heading to party city… what are y’all planning?

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Somebody already started a 2016 thread. :jack_o_lantern:

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