Who's up for a Team Built Halloween SmartApp?

Ok, just trying to get ahead of October…

I want to challenge all the community developers on here to help me build the ultimate Halloween SmartApp.

Let’s all pitch in, and develop this together and make it the “Killer” (see what I did there…) SmartApp for one day… October 31st!

Even if you aren’t a developer, just a dreamer… Let me know what you want in the Ultimate Halloween SmartApp.

This app can be viewed as the ultimate tutorial on how to do almost anything within Smartthings…

A thing gets triggered, trigger another thing…
-Flash the lights
-Dim the lights
-Play a sound via sonos
-Get Ubi to speak something
-Send an API command to something
-Open/Close a relay
-Flip an outlet switch

Generate random numbers, mess with the things, lets just take a dream and make it a nightmare…

I started a github and put it up here… With a start of the smartapp…


We have 2 months to put this together, join my github and contribute your changes… Let’s make this happen.


Flickering lights and some scary sounds are a must!

hahah, this is perfect.

While I don’t have a Hue I would suggest adding changing lights to red/orange
How about a delay option for lighting and text to speech (see below)

  1. motion detected on porch
  2. porch lights off
  3. Sonos Scream audio file played
  4. porch light comes back on but in red (after a few seconds)
  5. sonos text to speech
  6. reset to normal porch lights if no motion detected 12 seconds (if you own the new ST motion)

The idea is that this SmartApp will be built collectively.

Add your ideas to the comments in the code. Take a stab at trying to write it. This will be done as a group effort.

If you see something that can be improved, do it.

Don’t be afraid of it. We can’t really break anything doing it… Well, maybe, but that means we found a bug or two…

Heck, we might even find some limitations in ST that given the next 2 months, maybe ST can add or fix these things before the 1 day this app will function…

Keep the ideas coming, but more importantly, fork it, commit your changes, I’ll merge them in and we will have the ultimate Halloween 1 day usage SmartApp.

This is cool!!!

We should start a christmas one now!! haha.

Strobe lights! Put a couple of these on the porch:

See a demo:

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@megapixel this seems up your alley? Come out of retirement?

OMG guys I was just thinking about this. I wish I could help, but I’ve been having problems learning to develop apps with smart things. Is there any really good documentation to start this? I wanted to have the default light be white, and as someone approaches the light will go out, sonos will start playing moaning sounds, fog machine starts bellowing fog, inflatable monsters inflate and then the strobe turns on with a loud scream from the sonos and hue turning red.

Wow…Can I see that setup video of your place?

I totally forgot about this thread!!! #sad

Yeah. Went as expected. Maybe next year, if we start now.

Ive got my eyes on Christmas

Let’s see if we can brainstorm for New Years eve.

Have Sonos play “Ho Ho Ho” when someone comes and goes from the front door.

And have the Sonos play the Jingle Bell song when all the members of the family are home.

And Also at Midnight, Sonos will play the sounds of the slay and bells on the roof for the kids/“Ho Ho Ho”!

How is that for a quick setup?

Is this for Christmas or New Years?
All Sonos stuff to, which i don’t have… yet lol

I’m trying to think of some cool lighting stuff you could do.

Like using a couple switches to make it look like its “snowing” using strings of lights and motion sensors.

I can mod a spinning light projector to project snowflakes all around.

I was thinking something similar.

Still need someway to make sound effects for the slay and the Ho Ho Ho.

Got an old fashioned tape player? Queue a tape to play a repeating sound to a light module outlet. Sonos Killer right there. Lol!

LOL!!! Analog wins every time lol.

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Spotify probably has an applicable sound effects album available - I found LOTS for Halloween!