ST (Home) communicate to Alexa (at work) - Possible?


I currently have ST at home with 3 Alexa devices, I received a 4th one as a gift and wanted to set it up at my desk at work. Is it possible for ST to see it under my Alexa devices once I add it to my Amazon Account? I’m hoping I can get Webcore to communicate to it as well. Or will I need to get a second ST for work to make it all happen?


Your Amazon devices that are in the account that your ST account is linked to will be seen by ST even if they are on a separate network.


Awesome! I hope I can still get Webcore to communicate to it using a TP-Link Bulb as the trigger on my desk lamp.

Scenario i’m trying to create, I walk in to walk in the morning, turn the bulb on which triggers Alexa to start a routine, telling me good morning, my schedule for the day, news, etc…

when i leave, turn bulb off, and alexa comes out good night, meet you at home :slight_smile: LOL

Many companies are starting to pass rules about using smarthome device/microphones at work. Some even have rules if you work from home not to have a speaker close by. Not sure how strict your company is with this.

thats a good point and worth looking into. As of now, the company isn’t that strict, we have a few users with Echo Plus on their desk for music streaming and I manage the network for the company and make sure security isn’t compromised.