ADT Pulse Integration (Referencing Latest Alexa Integration)

With the recent integration of Amazon Alexa to ADT Pulse, I was wondering if that means that ST could now integrate with the ADT API? I know this was an announcement from about a year ago from ADT addressing ST integration (maybe that was with the Canopy product). However, not sure where things stand now with direct ST integration to the ADT cloud and API.

I am interested in a ST SmartApp that handles the integration to the ADT cloud much like the Alexa skill does. I am not interested in the arduino board hardware hacks already published.

TIA for any knowledge and support!

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Haven’t heard about any official integration with ADT. I think for most integrations like this the biggest barriers aren’t technical. It’s whether two companies want to work with each other or not. ST has an official integration with Scout’s central monitoring system and it costs extra. Presumably any new integration with ADT would have to generate revenue for both companies or why would they do it?

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As @rob_duram mentioned in the first post, in 2016, smart things and ADT did announce that SmartThings would be one of the companies participating in ADT’s new “canopy” service.

Unfortunately, canopy never actually made it to market, so that integration didn’t happen.

As far as ADT’s echo skill, the API is open on the Amazon side, but not on the ADT side. ADT built their own skill, but there isn’t Anything that SmartThings can do to get to it.

This is just the way that Amazon skills work. The echo will pass along your voice request to a specific skill, but it won’t connect two skills together. So the ADT/Amazon integration doesn’t open up any new possibilities for a SmartThings/ADT integration, unfortunately.

Right, whatever they had agreed to until that point fell through. I’m not expecting a deal in this case to resurface but anything’s possible. I wonder how many ST users actually pay for scout integration?

There’s always the Rube Goldberg solution of putting a ST connected speaker next to your Alexa device and having it speak “Alexa arm my ADT system” (or whatever their phrase is).


I agree Mark. Unfortunately, for me and I am sure other consumers who purchased an ADT system prior to getting into the ST world, what’s my choice now? I would love to get away from ADT at $60 per month in favor of the highly marketed lower monthly monitoring fees, but any way you slice that banana, there is upwards of $500 cost involved in new equipment. Simplisafe, Scout, any number of others all require new equipment because ADT and ST can’t agree to speak the same language.

I hear you. I didn’t have a home security system before I got my ST hub two years ago, they’re not very common in NYC where I live. But since I own my apartment and it actually has an additional doorway that opens directly onto the street, I thought I’d give the home security features of ST a try. I agree with others that say it’s better than nothing, but it’s pretty crappy as security systems go, and I’d like to think that for a service as important as that, you get what you pay for.

That said, it does seem like the monthly monitoring fees of major home security systems can be exorbitant. I just think in my case I don’t need the security system enough to get gouged for it, so I stick with ST.

If you really want to get away from ADT’s fees, have you looked at Abode? I don’t think it can integrate with ST either but it’s supposedly solid and should cost less than ADT. It has some home automation functionality though not as flexible as ST, so it depends what you’re looking for. Still need new equipment though…