Spruce controller vs rainbird

hi, I want to install a spruce controller for my sprinkler system. My landscapist is preferring to install rainbird instead as he thinks it is tried and tested and can do almost everything which spruce controller can do. Can you please advice me from your personal experience, if you are happy with spruce controller, and whether I should buy with moisture sensors and how many of them? I will have four zones. In short what are the practical advantages of spruce controller over rainbird?

Or do think i should buy rainbird.

i have smart hub installed in my house.

I personally like Spruce. It integrates with ST and also has integration with soil sensors which no other speinkler system has. We also install Spruce for our customers and thenreviews and feedback has been great! If you are based in DFW area then do let me know, I may be able to help.

Thanks. How would you select the Positions of installation for the four different moisture sensor?

I have 4 zones in my sprinkler system

I would suggest looking at the Rachio controller. I replaced an older Rainbjrd controller with it. It’s been great. No integration with ST yet, but it’s in the works. I haven’t found that necessary anyway and I like their iOS app. Set it and forget it. You can control it via Amazon Echo too.