Rain Bird integration

New home construction, need to install an irrigation system.

My contractor wants to install a Rain Bird wifi system. Is there any SmartThings integration with Rain Bird wifi?

If not, I’ve read about SPRUCE. Does it have a smart phone app and integration with SmartThings?

Finally, is there a better solution than either of these, that I should consider? I prefer to have BOTH smartphone app and SmartThings integration.

Thanks in advance!!!

What a coincidence that our local power company (SRP) just sent an email about this today.

Get a Rain Bird smart irrigation controller for only $50* (retail value: $314.15)
*Ewing Irrigation discounts the price offered to SRP from $314.15 to $125 for the controller. SRP provides an instant rebate of $75. Customer is responsible for the sales tax on the Ewing discounted price of $125. Estimated total for one controller, including tax and SRP instant rebate, is $57.88.

I have Spruce and no it does not have a separate app. It integrates with smarthings and you need to control it from the smartthings app. I have had it for a year so far and had no issues with it.


Spruce is supposed to have a web interface in the works and was asking for beta testers for an updated ST app.

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for an updated ST app.

Can you post pictures, or better yet the code for the ST app?

…nm, I found it.

Where did you mount the SPRUCE controller? I’ve noticed many of my neighbors have their Rain Bird on the exterior of their home. My old house had the controller mounted in the garage.

I think I prefer the garage solution, but wonder if doing so will impede the radio communications between it and the moisture sensors in the back yard.

I love my Rachio Iro controller. It has a great app and it qualifies for discounts with your local water utility if they provide them. There isn’t an integration yet, though they are close to releasing it. Search the community for Rachio for more details.

I mounted mine outside in a weatherproof orbit box.