Spectrum Intelligent Home cameras, door and window sensors, and other devices can be cleared

A Spectrum Supervisor told me that my cameras and other equipment has proprietary code can be cleared by a security professional so it could all be utilized rather than being orphaned. Any help with doing this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks…

Pearl Thermostat, Kwikset Locks and the CentraLite outlets can be used, so goodbye to the rest.

How do you pair the thermostat w smart things? I can’t get mine to connect. Or my LG light bulbs.

Here is the manual for Pearl https://www.centralite.com/downloads/pearl_install_guide_2016.pdf

Which GE do you have, I need the model #

For that thermostat you can use @RBoy 5 Day 2 Day App. I had used it for a couple of years. Works very well.

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@JDRoberts, have you seen this? I’ve read some comments about those products on some other forum a few weeks ago, and shouldn’t be Spectrum the one
who should change the firmware on those to be usable with other systems? Of course, before they would shut down their servers.

Selling paperweights for a fortune and call an EOL in a few year is the new/old trend?

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I haven’t looked at the spectrum devices specifically. If it’s a proprietary Zigbee, sometimes it can be flashed to another profile. Not unlike what people do with flashing Sonoff Wi-Fi devices. You’re not changing the frequency, you’re just changing the encoding. But again, I haven’t looked at the spectrum devices specifically so I don’t know what’s going on there.

The 30 days noticed ended already on the 5th of February.



It is really a scandal.

Maybe Spectrum really doesn’t care about bad press but, I would think that if it was possible to open the devices up for use on other systems, spectrum would have done it to fend off the bad press.

My first thought after reading the OP post was that this was a way to get the customer off of the support call and close the ticket.


After posting my first post regarding Spectrum/Time Warner Intelligent Home equiptment which never really worked all that well… I ordered the Smartthings Hub and several Wyse Cameras and some outlet control switches and things are starting to come together nicely. Thank you to those who took the time to reach out and lend some useful information! All the best!



I have some of the Spectrum IH equipment and it works fine with Smartthings & Hubitat. The equipment above as I stated will work.

Don’t bother with contact, motion, glass break or siren.

Edit: No need to flash any of the Centralite devices, they are Zigbee 1.1 and can be firmware updated after connected.

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