Spare Android tablet for use with SmartThings & Smart Home Monitor?

Just wondering what people do? My main goal is to use a old spare Samsung Tab 3 7.0 (v4.4??) for use with Smart Home Monitor (SHM) to ARM / DISARM SHM. (and other things like controlling music, lights etc)

This way if my wife doesn’t have her phone, or misplaced it or battery dead, she and the kids can go to the tablet set on the counter (like the Xfinity Security we used to have). Maybe I’ll look at ActionTIles also. Might be able to use the recent DELAY SmartApp also for exiting and entering (would rather Samsung fully integrate this though).

I have my own Android phone with my own Google account and so does my wife.
I don’t want to use my account or my wife’s Google account for this tablet.

What are people doing to utilize a third Android tablet for something like this? Just creating an additional Google account just for it and allowing this account USER ACCESS for ST?

This seems the obvious thing to do, but just checking in case I haven’t thought it all through.


extra thought:
Its a GSM AT&T version tablet also. Would be nice if SmartThings (ST) integrated a cellular communication when internet down, but at this rate, sounds like no and never… such a great system, but falls short of EPIC with a just a few very important and necessary things missing that could be implemented. Either via GSM tablet or usb add-on device sure would be nice.

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There are various options available to you, but we have thousands of Customers who would consider ActionTiles to be a great option at ($23.99 after trial. A web based, dashboard panel creator with a simple tiled UX, officially certified as Works With SmartThings™.

It may have trouble running on your particular Samsung Tab, as a certain Android level below v4.4.x (where x is not exactly known) has compatibilty issues (possibly solvable by loading Opera or some other browser, and/or installing an alternative ROM).

Please give it a try:

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