Looking for an inexpensive (<$200) android tablet that actually supports the new ST app

Hi, new to this community but it seems like y’all might have the information I’m after. I am trying to help a family member install some Yale smart locks which are going to be controlled using a SmartThings Hub (V3). We have all the locks installed and the hubs mounted then yesterday we go to connect everything up and the tablet we bought (2019 Samsung Galaxy Tab A) to use as a dashboard/remote apparently isn’t supported by the new app. Now we need to find a replacement for the tablet and I want to make sure we don’t find ourselves in the same predicament again. Does anyone have a recommendation for a tablet that can be acquired for under $200 that is known to be supported by the new app? I’ve seen people talking about the Galaxy Tab S6 but I feel like $500 is pretty excessive for a device that will serve no function other than this.

TL;DR: Does anyone have a recommendation for a tablet that can be acquired for under $200 that is known to be supported by the ST V3? Thank you!

Edit: It looks like the amazon echo show has an officially supported app. Anyone have any experience with that?

I have a Galaxy Tab S3 and it runs the new app with no issues. You can find them on eBay for under $200. But have you considered a dashboard like ActionaTiles or Sharptools to run on your current tablet? Would be much cheaper and would give you a lot of room for customization. Just a thought!

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Honestly, that’s what I really want to do in the long run. The problem is that without the V3 app installed, I can’t use ActionTiles. I tried to install AT on the Tab A we bought at the start but since it still needed the ST app to setup our V3 Hubs, it was a no-go. That said, if there’s something else I could do to make the tablet we already have work for us I’d be more than happy to do that too.

You could use a phone to setup everything within the ST app. You can even use classic for most things, with the exception of STHM and Automations/scenes. I also do all of my actiontiles panel editing from my phone. Beats standing at the wall and doing it or taking it off the wall.

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I don’t technically own an echo show, but I do own a fire tablet that has echo show capabilities. I believe the app you are referring to is actually the Alexa smartthings skill and not the smartthings app.

I do have the smartthings app on my fire tablet, and it works as well as on any of my phones. I had to side-load google services and the play store to get it, but doing so was a relatively painless process.

It will probably help you to know that ActionTiles does not require SmartThings app to be installed on the same tablet. Installing SmartThings app is not a prerequisite to install ActionTiles. ActionTiles Panels could be displayed on a cheap tablet, while configuration happens on a different device entirely.

Many of our users have great success with stock Amazon Fire tablets using ActionTiles for Fire OS.