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Soundbar HW-N850 Integration

(Christian Riedl) #1

I am trying to control the Soundbar via Smarthings API from my own Smarthome system with my own API implementation…

Using iPhones Smarthings App everythings works fine but it uses probably a Device Plugin.

Controlling a Series Q9 TV also works fine with my API implementation.

For the soundbar only the switch and refresh command works correct and I can get all capabilities as expected.

But the setVolume and setInputSource does not work. They deliver http Status OK but have no effect.



JSON payload for setVolume :


JSON payload for setInputSource :


I hope somebody can help

(Stefan) #2

Hi! Did you ever figure this out? I have an HW-N950 and the setVolume works just fine, however the setInputSource does not :frowning:

Here are my commands:

curl -H “Authorization: Bearer: token” -d ‘{“commands”:[{“component”:“main”,“capability”:“audioVolume”,“command”:“setVolume”,“arguments”:[10]}]}’

curl -H “Authorization: Bearer: token” -d ‘{“commands”:[{“component”:“main”,“capability”:“mediaInputSource”,“command”:“setInputSource”,“arguments”:[“HDMI2”]}]}’

(replace secret and token with device id and token)

Any help is greatly appreciated!

(Marcus) #3

Same for me… setVolume, Switch etc work fine. setInputSource does not.
However, it works perfectly fine on a different soundbar (MS650)…

However the N950 always responds back in the log as having changed the input… while it actually doesnt…

(Stefan) #4

Great… Can we report a bug so this can be fixed in the next firmware?

Also, what log are you referring to?

(Marcus) #5

Dont know where to report it…
I mean the live logging tool on the Smartthings Website.

Actually… now i get an error… maybe we can use this to fix it…

This is what i get now:

 10:33:39 AM: error groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: statusCode for class: physicalgraph.scheduling.AsyncResponse @line 241 (postOcfCommandHandler)
 10:33:29 AM: debug postOcfCommand(/oic/route/DEVICEID/sec/networkaudio/mode, [mode:HDMI])
 10:33:29 AM: debug Input Source is being set to HDMI

So the command gets recognized and interpreted by Smartthings, but then there is a problem with sending it to the Soundbar via OCF. However, also the AudioVolume does not work anymore today… only the switch (On/off)