Sound Sensor?

Am I missing something, is there no multi-sensor or standalone sensor that can detect sound levels?
I have a reverse floor plan and I want to put one in my daughters room so I can receive a notification about too much noise. Is there something I can use for this, I’m not seeing anything?

Remember that most zigbee and zwave sensors are intended as battery operated devices that sleep most of the time, and don’t do continuous monitoring. This makes it really hard to sound monitoring unless you just treat it as a specific level of vibration which isn’t what most people want.

The Quirky Spotter was supposed to be a cheap sound sensor, but ended up being completely unreliable for all four of its sensors. It was taken out of the SmartThings Labs programs, and I don’t think there are any plans to put it back in. It --does-- have an IfTTT channel, so you could theoretically use that, but…eh.

The second generation, the Spotter UNIQ, missed its April ship date, but should be out pretty soon if you can wait. It will hopefully be more reliable.

Meanwhile, the best cheap sound sensors are plain old WiFi or tablet based baby monitors. Lots of those, not too expensive, quite reliable. But no direct integration with ST.

Couple options, Ubi has sound level, also so does dropcam, but not sure if it can be wired up in the current implementation in ST.

As @JDRoberts said, battery operated devices and constant monitoring not ideal. Need something plugged in.

Could hack something together with a tablet or old phone as a monitor as well. A glass break sensor could also be hacked into a sound detector as well.


Thanks! Yeah I saw the spotter issue ones, I thought there might be a normal sensor but now I know the battery issue and know why.

I finally found another thread after I had posted that mentioned the Netatmo as a potential option? I really am looking for it in one room so it might work, but if I am looking for a second room, if I am not mistaken the “additional indoor modules” appear to be battery powered only?!?!?!? That doesn’t seem right.

I’m somewhat interested in UBI as I believe I can use it for sound notifications and of course the potential voice command. But, I’m confused about it’s retail price…I have seen many of these around $150-$200 used…is there a first generation v 2nd generation because the sold out $399 version on the website would make me think that $150-$200 isn’t a bad price.

Good catch on the Netatmo, that might indeed work. @tslagle13 might know.

The price on the UBI has dropped significantly since Amazon’s Echo was announced.

I have an Ubi and smartthings and you can set up lessons based on sound levels. If you keep an eye out you can pick one up for as low as $75(I know I just added a second one).

I’ll try to answer any questions I can. I’ve had one since their early kickstarter and have it heavily integrated with smartthings and Ifttt.


Netatmo would technically work… but its slow… it reports like every 8 minutes so it wouldn’t work well for a “baby alarm” so to speak.

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It works, just don’t tell my wife it only reports every 8 minutes. :wink:
So, what about Dropcam? Can this be used this way? Does it “measure” sound levels, I would like to set up a notification if there is a noise above “X” so that I know I/We are being too loud.

Not yet, that i know of, but it probably would work with a firmware update from them. I bet its coming. It makes sense

Netatmo only reports sound on the main weather station not on the stations (max 3) that you can the main station.

I had a need for sound monitoring as well, wasnt happy with anything I could use with ST, howerever a Focam & TinyCamPro does the job very well & has adjustable audio thresholds so the tv dosent alert, but a shrill baby does. TinyCam also has in cam motion and in app motion which also works very well for stealthy babys.

hey mate - just wondering does tinycampro link in with smartthings so you can set outputs on smartthings based on sound levels?

Still waiting to hear if anyone’s integrated Cube Sensors. They have an audio monitor. The product’s been out for over a year, but they’re pretty expensive.

Wow! $150 per sensor. They better clean my toilets and do my laundry for those prices.

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I use it independently of ST, wish I had the time to find a way to integrate it into the system.

i was thinking of using foscam device type but not sure if it has audio as an option (sound levels) doubtful. but going to check it out. was going to get a foscam baby hookedup in bubs room.

already had some push back from wife on automating the baby’s room. but don’t worry i’ll keep working on it!

Littlebits + IFTTT could work.

Sound Trigger $12 + Cloud Bit $60

I really like Littlebits for kids to learn maker skills. Great family projects. Just be aware that most of their sensors are very inexpensive and not very sensitive. The sound sensor is about the same as the old style Clapper. Good for some cases, and great for proof of concept, but not the equivalent of most of the other sensors you can buy.