Zwave or zigbee sound detectors

Does anyone know if there are any Zwave or zigbee sound detectors ?? Not tuned in to alarm sounds but to any sound?/
Where you could adjust the threshold weather physically or though an app and they can listen for any sound ??

thank you

I’m not aware of any Z wave ones except for the alarm detectors. And the Zigbee ones I know of don’t work with smartthings (wrong profile).

There are a couple that will work with Ifttt if that’s of any help.

Netatmo’s healthy home coach has sound level as an IFTTT trigger

Also, some of the security cameras can alert on sound detection. In particular The very popular and very inexpensive $25 WYZE camera includes sound alerts in its Ifttt channel. These are not as configurable as the Netatmo, but might be enough for some use cases.

There are also some ways to use an inexpensive android phone. It requires putting together a lot of different pieces, but you could get very good precision, I think. See the following discussion:

Device to Measure Sound Decibels? (SPL Meter)

So it really depends on your use case and how much work you’re willing to put into setting it up. There isn’t any simple plug and play acoustic sensor that I’m aware of, but there are quite a few options for different aspects.:sunglasses: