Sorry Smart Things, goodbye

well, as I understand it you guys are basically killing ST for the power user. I’ve currently got about 190 devices connected to ST. I have a WebCore automation that performs different actions depending on which mode just recently changed. My good night mode change part of that piston has over 50 “behaviors”, and that’s just for one mode.

I guess I’ll start exploring my options elsewhere.

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I agree that these arbitrary limits are very concerning.

Is it a cost issue? Then sell premium subscriptions.

Is the limit per Location? Then make multi-/cross-Location management easier.

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This could be the opening volley to such a thing.

When ‘custom automations’ is mentioned in the context of a limit on behaviours, are we talking specifically about the ‘Custom Automations’ created in the SmartThings app? Only just about any SmartApp that isn’t an official SmartThings product could be considered as a ‘custom automation’ in a broader sense.

I’m rather assuming the one app as I can’t get my head around where you’d get a number from otherwise, but if any heavy webCoRE users are thinking otherwise they might be having kittens.

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Are there debug errors in live logging informing users when a limit was reached?

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See, if you didn’t cause such strong reactions, we would have never found out about your mis-“behaviors”. Your post would have gone unnoticed, like many others who said “goodbye” without putting up a fight.

Let the “limits and guardrails” discussion continue on its own topic.


I wonder if anything done by WebCore is counted towards the limit.

The scenes and custom automations are all stored with your SmartThings account. WebCore actions would not be.

Stated as someone who doesn’t use WebCore…

Correct. This is specifically “Custom automation” as found in the new app when tapping the + symbol and then “Add automation”.

No, as specified above, this applies to “Custom automations” added in the new app which don’t surface in live logging in the IDE.



Are user developed apps, such as webcore, affected by the limited as of right now?

Doesn’t sound like it. Only scenes and the custom automation creator in the new app.


No. They are not.


[quote]The limit is 250 which your location last hit a couple weeks ago…

I might have initially HIT this limit SOMEHOW a couple of weeks ago (I say somehow because there were maybe another 7 or 8 automations that I might have had a couple of weeks ago that I decided to delete in the past couple of weeks) as I was building things back up HOWEVER, what I posted was where I was at when the hub crashed over the weekend. As late as last week in the state that I posted with the number of behaviors I posted (~50) I tried to add an automation and got an error. I tried to modify an existing automation and got an error. I would find it very hard to believe that even with the maximum number of automations that I was ever able to hit before getting errors, it wasn’t anywhere close to 250 behaviors. But… that’s a moot point anyway

How old is your hub? Could it be simply a matter of degraded electronics - like what happens to all electronics over time?

Don’t get me wrong, there are issues with the software and hardware at times, but sometimes it can just be that with the cheap manufacturing processes all electronic companies use, the things have a fairly high rate of failure at all ages. I cannot count the number of cables and pieces of memory I’ve swapped out over the years…

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I bought the hub in May of this year. Brand new. Problems from Day #2

So, again, you didn’t consider maybe you got a lemon and have it replaced under warranty? For what these retail for, it isn’t like they are manufacturing them to high standards. My bet is a small but significant number are probably faulty out of the box. It still makes sense for Samsung as replacing those units is cheaper than trying to tighten the quality.

I’d say ask Samsung to replace it. I bet it would fix many of your issues.


Based on your experience with the constant need to reboot your router gives me more suspicion your hub has an issue - like it is giving out crappy packets. It is amazing what one bad device on a network can do to the performance of the whole network.


Support told me the issue was with my quantity of devices occurring in automations. Didn’t think it was a hardware issue as I asked in my initial inquiry to them. The need to reboot didn’t start happening until recently. Maybe a software update? No idea and no point in trying to figure it out at this point

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when do these 250 behaviors reset? Is it daily, weekly, or monthly?

They don’t reset. It’s the total number of “behaviors” in custom automations and scenes you can add to your account through the new V3 mobile app. It’s the creation of the automation that adds to the count, not its execution.

Only scenes and the custom automation creator in the new app.

If you reach 250, you would need to delete some of your existing scenes or custom automations and then you would be able to add new ones until you got to 250 again.

edited to update, as @HA_fanatic noted below, that one custom automation or scene can have more than one behavior.

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It is my understanding that is based on number of actions/impressions that counts, within scenes and custom automations, and not the number of instances. So a custom automation could have one or more “behaviors” depending on complexity of the automation.

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